What is a “New Client Consultation”?– Each new client for spellwork must have a minimum of a 30 minute Consultation/ Reading. This is to ensure that the right spellwork is performed, the work has a good chance of success and to see any intervening issues that may be affecting the issues. All consultations and readings are via Skype, unless noted that the reading you are purchasing is an e-mail reading. No New Client Consultations are via email or phone. If you are in the DFW area, please inquire about “in-person” readings/ sessions.

Why Skype?- Connecting with clients around the world via Skype allows both Rose and her clients to get a feel for each other. It helps Rose connect to her clients better, in order to give them the best possible reading/ session that she can.

Can I skip the consultation/ reading and get straight to the spellwork?- No. Please see question 1.

Do you cast spells?- Yes.

What happens in a reading?- Each reading is different, like each spell is different, like each client is different. Generally, we introduce ourselves, have some social niceties, then I ask you to tell me what you want to focus on at that time/ what you’re wanting spellwork for. I consult several decks of tarot/ oracle cards, a pendulum, receive intuitive psychic flashes, and might even pull my runes out. I’ll answer any questions I can, and at the end, if you are a client interested in spellwork, I will make my recommendations.

When will you start my spellwork?- I generally give a 3-4 day window of time that I advise I will be starting your work in. My schedule varies constantly, so please inquire how far I am booked out. The 3-4 day window accounts for any spells that burn long to do so and my occasional need for days off.

Can I ask you questions about my spellwork?- Of course! Feel free to ask me anything you wish to understand my methods and work. Please don’t ask me the same question five times in one day, though.

Will I see pictures or video from my spellwork?- You will see both. I take pictures when I begin, during, and at the end, for my wax reports. You will see at least 2-3 videos if not more.

What’s a wax report?– After the spell is finished burning and the wax is hard, I read the wax and communicate how the candle burned and how any pertinent messages from the wax. I will also send you a picture of the wax.

Why are you so enthusiastic about your spells?- I have the best job on earth, why would I not be enthusiastic? But seriously, I love what I do, I love helping people and the energy you see is the leftover of what I’ve put into your spell.

Are you really legit?- Yes. Apparently there is a high number of fake witches taking people’s money online. If you follow my Instagram and see the high number of videos and pictures from my nightly spellwork, you can see I am not one of them. I give each client the same attention, follow through, and high quality of craft I would want to experience if I were in their shoes. I don’t hide behind smoke and mirrors, I’m a real person, and I give my clients 110% of that. Just not too early in the morning. I’m a night person.