Your Path

Week 1: Welcome and Introduction

How to Set Up an Altar (Even if You Don’t Have An Altar!)

Who Am I Working With? Gods, Ancestors and Guides.

Shadow and Light: What Is My Path?

Pathworking: What It Is and How Does It Lead Me?

Mini Ritual: The Beginning

Week 2: Protection, Shielding and Cleansing

The Triple Waterfall Shield

5 Methods of Protection for Your Home

House Cleansing 101

Pathworking Meditation: Find Your Source

Remove Bad Juju: A Simple, Yet Effective Candle Ritual

Week 3: Witches Basics

Basic Herbal Theory

Basic Crystal Theory

The Wheel of the Year

Meditation to Embrace the True You

Mini Ritual: What is My Path?

Week 4: Candle Magic

Colors in Candle Magic

Figural Candles Decoded

Basic Runes for Magic

Pathworking Meditation: See and Feel (Colors, Runes and More)

Carving and Dressing Candles for Spellwork

Candle Magic Ritual: Pick Your Poison!

Week 5: House of Voodoo

Crossroads, Graveyards and Swamps: What the Hell is Voodoo?

So….You Don’t Hex People With Those Dolls? Then What Do You Do?: The Magical        Uses of Poppets and Dolls.

Common Voodoo Terms, Spells and How You Can Use Them in Your Magical Workings

Loas, Orishas, and the Spirits: A Crash Course

Open the Crossroads: A Ritual for Papa Legba

Week 6: Moon Magic

Moon Water

Lunar Deities

Phases of the Moon: Correspondences

Moon Meditation

Full Moon Ritual

Week 7: Spellcrafting

How Do I Pick What Spell I Need?

What Ingredients Do I Choose?

Am I Doing This Right?

What Do I Do When I Don’t See the Results I Want?

A Simple Spell: Reverse My Luck (Customize it to YOU!)

Week 8: Ritual

Why We Need Ritual

What Constitutes A Ritual?

When Do I Need a Full Ritual and When Do I Need Spellwork?

Crafting Your Ritual

Pre- Ritual Meditation

Ritual: Guided By Me, Crafted By You