Your Path

Winter Magic is a 5 week email course, that is your gift to yourself this holiday season. Each week we will explore new themes and learn valuable pagan history, spells of Rose’s own creation and use and rituals that will deepen our practice and prepare us for the new year. This is the first course Rose has ever included spellwork in and many of these spells were written for this course and will not be found in other courses. Add to your Book of Shadows and explore this magical time of year!

Week 1: Entering the Realm

  • Winter Magic Welcome and Introduction
  • Grandmother Moon: Guidance and Warmth
  • Pathworking Meditation: At the Edge of the Forest
  • Spell: Resilience
  • Ritual: Opening the Gates

Week 2: Faerie Magic

  • Types of Fairies: Who Do You Identify With?
  • What Is Fairy Magic and How Can You Use It?
  • Pathworking Meditation: Travel to the Winter Ball of the Fairy Queen
  • Spell: Uncover Your Wonder
  • Ritual: Call in the Fairies

Week 3: Yule

  • Witches Recipes for a Merry Celebration
  • Tending the Fires of Yule
  • Party Like a Pagan
  • Witch Crafts: Make a Yule Pentagram
  • The Legend of The Oak King and The Holly King
  • Pathworking Meditation: The Hearth Goddess
  • Ritual: Yule

Week 4: Dark Goddesses

  • Nyx, Neith, Hecate, The Morrigan, Innanna, Lakshmi and Kali: Who They Are
  • Journey to the Cave of Hecate
  • Releasing Your Shadow Side
  • Walking the Dark Path: Honor, Responsibility and Freedom
  • Pathworking Meditation: The Council of 7- Awaken the Force of the Dark Goddess in You
  • Spell: I Accept Myself
  • Ritual: Call of the Dark Goddess

Week 5: Lighting the Flame

  • Setting Our Intentions for the New Year
  • Heading the Call of Magic
  • Pathworking Meditation: Find Your Center
  • Meditation: Cleanse and Open Your Chakras
  • Spell: Burn Away the Old
  • Ritual: Open the Way- Light the Lights