Winter Magic

In the last email course for 2018, Rose brings you 5 Weeks of Winter Magic. The holiday season can be stressful for many people, especially those of the pagan faith. In this course we will be looking at the duality of this season, and reconnecting with the old ways for a deeper and more meaningful way to spend the month of December. This course is only offered once a year!

Find connections and support with your other classmates in our Secret Facebook group. Be gently led through exploring your shadow side and celebrating this Yuletide with Rose.

Each week you will find yourself immersed in a section of Winter Magic that includes meditations, rituals, and valuable course materials to lead you on a magical path through the wintery forest, to visit The Greenman and his wisdom, the fairies and their love for life, the eternal battle between the Oak King and the Holly King, a reverence to the Dark Goddesses that guide us through the trials of life, and a magical celebration of Yule, giving you a feeling of belonging and comfort.

Beginning on November 30, 2018 you will receive an email with your course materials each Friday, for five weeks. These materials are yours to keep forever, and you can travel the course at your own pace.

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$75- Regular Pricing

$18- Weekly Price (5 Weeks)