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Why You Probably Don’t Need a Love Spell

Greetings, and most importantly, Happy Fall everyone! As I’m sure you can imagine, in my line of work, love is everywhere. It’s a hot topic. New love, bringing old love back to life, bringing lost love back, drawing in new love, and even self love are all big reasons that clients come to me for readings and spellwork. 98% of the time, these clients come to me with one request. “I need a love spell.” And my reaction is always the same. “Do you really though?”

The Main Altar with a Haunted Heart spell, to put happy memories of a lost relationship in the thoughts of the person you wish to win back.


Most of the time, the answer is that no, you don’t. You see “Love Spells” are a mythical thing, that promise a quick fix to your man straying, bringing your lover back, or finding a new love. The reality is, though, that most of the clients that come to me do NOT need a love spell. They need the problems that are causing the issues in their love lives fixed, permanently. They don’t need a love spell, because the person they are coming to me about already loves them.

A Binding and Banishing for someone causing harm to a relationship with a Cleansing in the background.


So what might you need, if not a love spell? I’m glad you asked. The most common thing that is discovered is that a couple has someone actively working against them to split them up and that is where their problems are coming from. In that case, we’re going to do a Binding and Banishing of the person trying to split them up, to stop them from causing any more harm and pain to the relationship.

A Couple’s Cleansing Spell on the Main Altar.


Say no one has been causing actual harm to the relationship, but a lot of negativity is surrounding the couple (or a Binding and Banishing has been completed and we want to remove the leftover bad juju!), we would do a Couple Cleansing Spell to heal the problems from the negativity and remove the bad that has been surrounding the pair.

A Passionate Love and Evoke Enchantment for a special weekend for a client.


Missing the magic in a long term relationship that you had at the beginning? Evoke Enchantment goes in and reminds the couple of how they felt at the beginning and smoothes over the stresses of every day life to bring the relationship back into the forefront of the minds of the couple.

A Blockbuster to help move on from a bad relationship.


Feel like there are just blockages everywhere keeping your relationship from progressing? Trust issues? You do not need him (or her!) to be more in love with you. You need a Blockbuster to fix the root of the issue.

A Cord Cutting to release negative romantic patterns and attachments.


Can’t let go of the past and it’s keeping you from fully committing? (Or maybe your significant other can’t!) Nope, still don’t need a love spell. You need a cord cutting, to safely remove the etheric cords still tying you to others so you can move forward and live in the present.

A beautiful Evoke Enchantment on the Main Altar.


You see, slapping a love spell on something rarely works long term, because they aren’t fixing the root of the problems you are having. Now of course, some problems can’t be fixed, even with magic. I have done readings for clients before and subsequently refused to get them back with an abusive ex, because that goes against my moral code. Most issues in a relationship stem from things that truly have nothing to do with the relationship, (hello past traumatic issues! are you there? it’s me, Rose! Now go away.) but stem from fears or pain that has roots in the past.

A Passionate Love spell on the Main Altar.


When might you need a love spell? Passionate Love is a form of a love spell, which does exactly what the name suggests, it improves your sex life. A full Love Drawing spell is another of my more technical “Love Spells” which focuses on drawing a new love into your life and the creation of a healthy, happy relationship. These are just a few options, and I have even been known to create new spells to address a clients specific concerns. “Consummate Commitment” was born that way, a client very specifically wanted a stronger bond and a commitment from her boyfriend, so we created something new to strengthen their etheric cord and facilitate an emotional commitment to each other in the relationship. Another form of “love work” that is very popular is a “sweetening jar” for your lover. It literally sweetens them up to you and makes them stop being grumpy.

A Triple Action Sugar Jar for a client’s boyfriend to sweeten him up.


Passion can be flamed and love can be fostered. Bonds can be strengthened, negativity removed and blockages overcome. You do not need anyone to force feelings on another for you, you do not need false love created. And never, ever bind someone to you romantically. (That’s another post. There are alternatives that do not completely screw up people’s lives, trust me!!) I’m a hopeless romantic. I love love. I love fuzzy warm feelings and I work with many clients the world over to get their relationships to be where they need and want them to be. But most of us never need a love spell. They already love you. Things just need fixing to get to the point of harmony and peace in relationships sometimes. And that is something I am always happy and willing to do.



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