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What’s In A Name: The Nine Nails Spell

***Trigger Warning. A lot of my clients who get a Nine Nails Spell have been victims of abuse. While I do not discuss it in detail, some mention may be made, so please read on carefully, as I would never want to upset anyone. If you feel that you are in danger, please seek legal help. When you are safe is when you can look to witchcraft.

9 1
A Nine Nails in progress


Hello dear readers,

It is confession time. Yes. I do spells of a “black magic” nature. Well. Sort of. I call them “not nice” spells. But here’s the thing; I won’t do them on just anyone. Someone annoy you? Nope. Someone start dating the person you liked? Nope! Someone lied about you and tried to take your child away causing untold emotional damage? Yep. Someone worked something evil against you and tried to break up your marriage, cause you harm and more. Oh yeah. Wife abuser? Oh hell yeah, break out the candles, sign me up.

9 4
Two Nine Nails Spells with variations


See, here’s the thing. Witches got this bad rap and then started trying to say “oh we’re all love and light, you don’t need to be scared of us!!!” Umm. No, no you should be. If you try to harm another, you best believe I will send that right back to you over and over. You make another human live a tortured existence and remain bound by the memories of what you did to them? Who else should stand up and fight for people if not witches? Who else should say “I have the power to stop you from hurting the person who loved you?”, if not witches? Who should send it back, if not witches?

9 5
An interesting progression of a Nine Nails Spell, the front of the skull has fallen before the back.


And hence, we have my “not nice” spell arsenal. The Nine Nails is a form of a reversal, as all my “darker” spells are. What does this mean? Simply put, if you did nothing, you’ll get nothing back. That way I’m not just running around hexing people willy-nilly, getting all kinds of bad juju on myself. After all, my whole principle is they have to deserve it. So how does it work? When a client comes to me that ends up with a Nine Nails, 9 times out of 10 (see what I did there?), they simply want someone to feel the way they made them feel. Most of the time these clients have been victims of domestic violence in physical, emotional, or sexual forms. They want to fight back, but don’t know how, they want to stand up, but don’t know how. The rest of the time, they typically have been targeted by another human who wanted something they had, or were jealous. During the New Client Consultation and Reading I can see what they have been through and if a reversal will work. If it will, it is deserved and we proceed. I have only found that the work requested was not deserved ONE time. It was not requested by a client, but a former friend.

9 3
The Nine Nails reverses emotional turmoil and pain back to sender nine times over.


The Nine Nails features nine nails inserted into the head of a red or black skull candle. The first nail is used to carve the name of the person receiving the work into the forehead of the candle. After the nails are placed the candle is sometimes dressed with oil and herbs, sometimes not, it depends on the situation and the intricacies surrounding why this work is being done. The Nine Nails is specifically for reversing emotional turmoil and pain. It reverses it to the giver nine times over. As with all my spells, candle progression and wax is read for the client and photos and video are recorded. There are some variations. Depending on the situation, 3 of the nails could be inserted into the eyes and mouth. Red or black candle, how do I pick? Sometimes it’s dependent on the type of emotional pain that is being reversed. Sometimes it’s what I have on hand. Sometimes (most of the time!) it’s because the spirits said which color to use. Usually I use red, but occasionally I’ll go for black in this spell. I normally use black skulls for another of my “not nice” spells, the Downfall, or Binding.

9 6
A Banishing (l) and Nine Nails Spell in progress. This spell someone had thrown evil at a client, so we threw it back.

Of course, there are all sorts of reasons that someone might come to me for this sort of work, and all sorts of reasons that I might accept it. Basically, if another person has done significant harm to you, I believe they deserve it back. Period.

It’s not in fashion to do these types of works. But it should be. It should be in fashion to let people know that someone will stand up for them, fight for them and help them. I will stand up for you, I will fight for you and I will help you. I have dedicated my life to my work as a witch. I have spent thousands of dollars in trauma therapy. I will never back down from helping others who need it, whether it’s cleansing and healing work, or making someone feel the way they made you feel. Alongside my spellwork, I often refer people to see a licensed trauma therapist, and I offer (unlicensed) spiritual coaching via Skype and Facetime to help people. While my work is not intended to be a substitute for the advice and treatment of qualified medical professionals, it can offer a spiritual cohort to it.

Always keep fighting,



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