What's In A Name: Spell Names and What They Really Mean

What’s In A Name? The Blockbuster Spell

The “What’s In A Name?” series focuses on unmasking the hidden mysteries of what Spell Names really mean and what you’re getting, how it was created and when it would be utilized. In today’s edition, we bring you: The Blockbuster.

The Hearth Altar working on a Blockbuster and end of a Love Spell.

There are a million ways to do a single spell, and this series simply reflects my names and my way.

As The Blockbuster is one of my most popular spells, I thought is fitting to begin this series with this exceptional spell. I created my version of The Blockbuster several years ago, while dealing with relationship issues. Simply, I was madly in love with a wonderful man, who couldn’t get past my religious practices. This was before Harvest Rose Witchery was a twinkle in my eye. I performed it two- fold; I either wanted him to learn it was ok, or I wanted to stop hurting. Whichever the universe knew would be best in the long run. The night the candles stopped burning, I began talking to someone else (me and the gentleman had not been together for a few months at this point, though we had discussed getting back together), and while I will always love him with a part of my heart, I was able to move on. Seven months later, I started Harvest Rose. Had the spell worked the other way, I would not have my business, my clients, or the amazing life I now have. At the time, I would have given anything to have him back, but the universe knew I had bigger things to do. I’m sure he is proud of what I’ve accomplished; I also know it never would have happened if we were together.

A Love Blockbuster in progress.

So what does this spell do? It goes in to a situation and removes the blockages preventing the client, or intended from moving forward in that situation. It gets to the root of a problem and dismantles what is holding you back from working through and moving forward through that problem. This spell can be utilized in virtually every instance that a client comes to me feeling “stuck” or like they are spinning their wheels. Say a relationship has gone through a breakup and reconciliation. A client comes to me and says “I want it to feel like before”. We discuss and consult the cards to see what issues are keeping it from feeling like before, then perform a blockbuster on those issues. Or a client is having problems moving forward in their career. What is holding them back? What is the root? The Blockbuster is the initial spell for a lot of my clients, because it is so effective at getting to the roots of problems and removing those issues. Then we are able to draw or heal what we need to in the clients life.

The tapers, herbs, dressing oils, even the Runes carved on the candle change every time I perform one.

When you approach spell-work in this way, instead of a quick-fix, cookie cutter ideal, you end up having far wider, longer lasting results. It’s pretty rare that I find someone who needs for example, a “love”spell. Most of my clients are already loved by the person they are interested in. Usually, they simply have a multitude of issues that need to be fixed, in order for that love to blossom and fully shine.

This Blockbuster earned the title of “Longest Burning Spell” and burned for over a week.

The preparation of The Blockbuster spell is generally the same, yet extremely different for every case I work on. I use a black or red mummy figural candle, carve the candle with names, intentions, runes, who knows what. I am told in the moment of preparation what to do. I place the candle on whichever altar has expressed it should go to it, and I dress the candle with whichever of my spell oils fits the intent of the client and situation. Following the oil dressing, I scatter herbs, flowers, roots, and powders over the candle and the tray I burn it on. I tell it what to do and light it. Then the fun part happens! I purchase every mummy candle from one of two botanicas. I’ve been using these guys for years. Every single candle burns differently. Once I had a blockbuster take over seven days to complete. It was on my fireplace altar, and I had to blow it out when I had to leave the house!! The fastest one took 36 minutes to burn and was on my newest altar. I take pictures and videos of each spell at the beginning, as well as updates on how it’s going, any weird stuff, sometimes what I’m watching on TV while the spell is going, etc. I like my clients to really feel like they are there for it, and it’s really cool how each one is so different.

Blockbuster in progress on the Main Altar at the Witchery, sugar jar work pictured to the left.

As I’m sure you can tell by now, I absolutely love this spell. It is so effective at helping “un-stick” people and I love helping them get to a place where they can move forward with their goals and see life begin moving again. If you feel you may need a Blockbuster to move forward in your life, feel free to message me for a New Client Consultation.

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