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What’s In A Name? The Binding and Banishing

Good Monday, everyone!

Today we will be exploring my most popular spell: The Binding and Banishing. The Binding and Banishing is the first spell that over 90% of my clients get. Because of the way I personalize each spell I do, this is a highly effective and customizable spell that can take care of a host of issues. The reason the Binding and Banishing is so incredibly popular is that is stops the issue from going any further. If someone is working bad juju on you and you do a love spell, it’s probably not going to work very well. (You probably don’t need a love spell anyways, but that’s another post coming later this week!)

A Binding and Banishing on the Main Altar to remove a string of bad luck and negativity from a client.


What kind of issues does the Binding and Banishing work on? I’m glad you asked! Here’s a few things I’ve used the Binding and Banishing on in the past few weeks:

  • Someone trying to break up, or has broken up a relationship (this is the most common)
  • Angry spirit wreaking havoc on the people he lives with
  •  Angry coworker who was sending a lot of bad juju to someone for no reason beyond jealousy
  • Former friend causing issues for a client because the client disagreed with their moral decisions
  • Someone using magic to cause health issues and more for a client
  • Someone trying to take a client’s child away
  • An abusive ex husband

This is also the most effective spell I have to handle and stop Psychic and Spiritual Attack. You can read more about Psychic and Spiritual Attack here: https://wordpress.com/post/harvestrosewitchery.com/123

A Binding and Banishing on the Ghede Altar to stop someone’s jealousy from harming my clients life anymore.


So let’s delve a little more into the cogs of the Binding and Banishing. It is one of my few double spells and I always work them together at the same time, same altar, same tray. The Binding stops a person or entity from causing more harm, and from employing someone else to cause harm. It shuts it down, cuts it off at the pass, etc. You want to Bind someone who is harming you, because if you don’t the evil they have done, or are doing will perpetuate itself continually. It doesn’t matter if they haven’t done anything to you for years, generally speaking, if not stopped it can go on for years. The Binding uses a skull candle in red, black, white, even sometimes green, color all depends on the situation. It is carved with the name of the person being bound, and other things, dressed with oil and herbs and placed on the left of the workspace. The Banishing works to remove the persons evil from you and is the first step in cleaning up the mess they have made. We Banish their bad juju or magic. The Banishing uses a cross candle in white, black, red or green, color chosen based on situation and it is carved to banish the bad done, then dressed with my handblended oils, herbs, roots, and placed on the right of the workspace. Sometimes I will place tapers in the spell, sometimes not. It all depends on the situation. No cookie cutter spells here! Now, with these types of situations, often the evil has created many problems, so we have to fix those, too. The most general thing after a Binding and Banishing is complete is a Blockbuster. Read more about the Blockbuster here: https://wordpress.com/post/harvestrosewitchery.com/220. Following that we can begin drawing what it is you want in your life and replacing what was taken from you that brought you to me for help in the first place.

Interesting burn on a Binding.


If a situation is particularly severe, I will employ the two-fold bind, performing a paper bind with a witches ladder binding the paper and put into my Binding Box. The Binding Box sits on my main altar until it is full, at which time it goes into the altar, as the altar is a steamer trunk. The people and entities inside it are never released, and I write the spells such, that no one, including myself in this life or the next can unbind them and let them return to harming people. Following that we do the Binding and Banishing as normal. This is an extremely effective method of ensuring that the most evil of all are removed from the ability to harm.

The Binding Box


Now, if you follow me on Instagram, you see multiple Binding and Banishings a week. About a week ago, following a Cord Cutting that resulted in my smoke alarm going off, I had been hearing tapping on metal from the direction of the altar occasionally. The Main Altar and the Binding Box are both metal. I had a spell flame up again, but worse and the only way I can describe it was: the man/entity I had recently bound in connection with the cord cutting wanted out. It seems he had a helper and that helper was trying to get him free to go back to his extremely bad ways. The only way to get out would have been something happening to the paper. Everything turned out fine and he has been further neutralized. The tapping has ceased. This is why I watch spells burn and record the flames and the wax. We learn much from the way a spell burns and what happens surrounding it. I’m happy to report that client is feeling much better now.

A Paper Bind wrapped in a Witches Ladder about to go into the Binding Box


So what happens to a client following a Binding and Banishing? Generally within the days immediately following clients report feeling happier, more calm, they see a decrease in anxiety and depression ( not a substitute for professional, medical advice or treatment. Many clients simply report an increase in anxiety, depression, obsessive and racing thoughts that do not feel like their own.), lessening of obsessive/racing thoughts that don’t feel like their own, they feel lighter, brighter and many begin to notice drastic changes in their original situation. The parts of their lives that were effected begin to change for the better and overall they feel better. And that is my favorite part of my job. I love those messages that tell me a client feels more like themselves and their outlook has changed and the negativity has begun to clear.

The most popular spell I offer


As always if you think that there is something off in your life, magic won’t work, or you need help to fix the negativity surrounding you, please send me a message and set up a consultation with me. You don’t have to live in fear, unhappiness, or negativity.




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