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What’s In A Name: Sugar Jars!

One of my most popular works is the Sugar Jar. I love Sugar Jars, and particularly love burning an additional spell on top, as this lends extra power to the work. (I’m also very fond of their opposite, the vinegar jar, which I’ll cover next week in a blog!)

Sugar Jar just finished, mixing together the sweetenings.


My Sugar Jars are quite involved and pack a potent punch to improve, or “sweeten” whatever situation in your life needs sweetening. From lovers, bosses, mother in laws, court cases, and more, if you need to improve anything in your life, the sugar jar is likely your best friend.

This jar wanted to be open for the beginning of its work. What the spells want I do.


My sugar jars begin with a base of three sweetening agents (if you come to my house there is such a thing as “Voodoo Honey, Voodoo Sugar, and Voodoo Syrup.”) A petition paper will have been written and waiting. This will have the clients name, the name of anyone we are working on for them and what they want. Generally I do a sweeting agent, place the petition paper in, then will do the last two, so that the petition is fully covered.

This jar used rose petals and coffee grounds (Texas Pecan) on the very top! We had results within hours.


After that, I take the jar in and add whatever herbs are going in to this particular one. I never make them the same way twice, they are completely customized to my clients. In fact the only things I do with the same “recipes” are the dressed candles I sell on my Etsy store! After everything is in the jar, I like to slowly move the jar about a bit, getting the honey and syrup slowly melded into the sugar. Then it chooses an altar and place on the altar. If I am doing a spell on top, I prepare that candle and light it. If it’s just a sugar jar, I pick the color of chime candle that it will begin with and then place that on top of the jar and light it.

A jar I’ve been working for about 4 months now to keep a clients boyfriend sweet.


After the initial lighting, if the jar is on one of the main spots, it then moves to a surrounding space on its altar and I continue to light it for the client as needed. I have some jars I’ve been lighting once a week or so for months! When the goal is accomplished and we no longer have use for the jar, I dispose of it at the crossroads.

A lust spell on top of a sugar jar.


These jars are my number one recommendation for improving communication in a relationship, helping people with their supervisors at work, and finding people clients. I’ve even done them for clients in the performing arts to land auditions and roles! This is a favorite of mine to use in conjunction with other spells while winning a court case. It’s worked for my clients very well.

This one got a clients bank account unfrozen the next morning!


January 5 begins my 6 week online course on Sugar and Vinegar Jars. I will be teaching how to make one, how to choose your ingredients, working them with magical symbols, runes, and more. We will get in depth and look at herbal theory, add ins (I’ve been known to put grenadine in a sugar jar before!) and lots of other fun stuff! Early Bird registration for this course will open 12/22!

What kinds of things would you put in your own sugar jar?


Next week we will explore Vinegar Jars!

Xoxo, Rose

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