Travel Witching 2020: Sedona

Sedona, AZ- 2/20- 2/24

Our trip to Sedona means we’re bringing you new Travel Witching Spell Specials! Similar to our New Orleans Spells, these spells are designed to channel the energy of Sedona! Sedona is known for its strong healing and spiritual energy. Details about spells will be announced soon!

Full Sedona Spell Package- $1777 ($1950 value!)

3 Payment Plan: $740 x 3 Payments- must be complete by 2/13

Full Sedona Spell Package and Chakra Spell Package (without reading)- $1999 ($2235 value!)

3 Payment Plan: $810 x 3 payments- must be complete by 1/27

Sedona Chakra Spell Series

Our chakra system is the most important tool we have for maintaining our spiritual and emotional health. If your chakras are out of balance, under- or over-active, or have taken on too much strain, they can cause a myriad of problems. In this spell special you can purchase one, two, three or even all nine chakras spells to cleanse and activate your chakras. This spell special will restore these important energy centers back to full health and help you find harmony, balance, peace, and more. 

If you’re not sure which chakra (chakras) need work, you can purchase one or more single chakra spell specials with a single card chakra reading for each (per spell purchased- two purchased- two cards), in which Rose will determine which chakras need the most attention right now. 

You can purchase our full Chakra spell special package either with or without a full chakra reading. Without has no cards pulled, but each participant will receive their own individual tray set up. If purchased with the full reading, clients receive a pre recorded video by Rose giving them valuable insight into how their chakras are functioning, problems they may be causing, as well as information about the dark and light codes affecting their chakras. This option also includes an mp3 guided meditation for chakra balancing by Rose.

Individual Spell for Charka of Choice- $33

Individual Chakra Spell with Single Card Chakra Reading- $55

Full Set of Chakra Spells- Personal Tray Setup, No Cards Pulled- $285

Full Set of Chakra Spells with Full Reading- $475
Includes Recorded Video of In Depth Wax Report and Guided Meditation from Rose- Must be purchased by 2/13

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