Travel Witching 2020: Memphis, Tennessee

May 1-3 Postponed Indefinitely due to Coronavirus Pandemic

This May, we are traveling to Memphis, TN to bring you the exclusive opportunity to experience the magic of Memphis with Rose Dumaine! This carefully curated selection of spells honors the roots of the magic prevalent in Memphis and the Appalachians. While there, they will be vlogging about their travels, exploring Beale Street, just overall adventuring, and of course, casting spells just for you! Below you will find all the spells being offered, along with items that can be purchased that will be charged with the Memphis Mojo magic!

Whether you want to fix a streak of bad luck, attract your desires to your life, find domination over another, bring happiness to your love life and relationships, or remove blockages, open roads, and revolutionize your life with magic, this series has a wide variety of offerings to fulfill all your wishes. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity as all of these spells will ONLY be available during this trip and will never be offered again. Don’t miss out on the chance to work with Rose and bring some Memphis Mojo into your life!

Full Packages are available for purchase at the bottom of the page! Clients purchasing the full package will receive a surprise bonus item in their package when mailed on May 11!


Aren’t sure which spells are for you, but know you don’t want to miss out on this incredible magic to have once in a lifetime spellwork cast for you by Rose Dumaine in the magical city of Memphis? Set up a reading/consultation with Rose to see exactly which spells will aid your situation the most and get valuable insight into fixing the problems you are currently dealing with! Rose’s straightforward yet caring reading style will ensure that you get the most effective spellwork from this series. This special consultation is structured exclusively around this Spell Series and will ensure you choose the spells that will most efficiently help you reach your goals.

$50/30 min

$95/60 min

When scheduling, please include a note to let Rose know this is for the Memphis spells!

Memphis Spells and Rituals

Click on items for descriptions of each spell! Each of these spells will be cast while we are in Memphis!

Memphis Add Ons

Add ons are designed to be charged or cast alongside the spells being offered. They are only available with the purchase of one or more of the above spells.


Packages available for those who can’t decide which you may need most or for those who need/want everything! (Special Surprise bonus included for full package clients!)

Full Spellwork Package with Add Ons: $1799 ($1954 value!)

4 Payment Plan: $450 each

2 Payment Plan: $899.50 each

*All payments must be paid in full by 4/27!

Full Spellwork Packages- Spells Only: $1399 ($1525 value!)

4 Payment Plan: $350 each

2 Payment Plan: $699.50 each

*All payments must be paid in full by 4/27!