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The Chakra System: Magic and Light

What Are Chakras?

The nine chakras are the main energy centers in your body and contribute to your mental, spiritual and emotional health. When our chakras are open, active, and in balance we feel a variety of effects from release of trauma, to freeing ourselves of blockages and self imposed restrictions, to feeling connected to the earth and spirit, increase ability to manifest, and even aid with health issues (any physical health issues should be addressed by a medical professional, and we do not make any claims of chakra work being solely a solution to physical health).

Each chakra vibrates at a certain frequency. That frequency, even if just in the room with someone, can attune and lift that chakra to the level it is supposed to be at. These frequencies are like sage for the chakra. It won’t eradicate the issues but it supports and shifts the energy of that chakra to a higher plane which can make it much easier to work with. These frequencies are included in the below descriptions and can be helpful to keep in mind while working on achieving balance and alignment.

Chakra Healing is an ongoing process, but if you commit to it, keep up with the maintenance and connect with the ever evolving magic of your own chakra system, you can change your life.

The 9 Chakras are:

Earth Star

The Earth Star chakra connects you with the lower realms and is your key to grounding. It aids you in accessing the collective consciousness of your community and planet, and can facilitate both your own personal healing and how you send healing to others. This chakra connects you with ancient wisdom, helps you relax into your divine feminine, filters unwanted and lower vibrational energies, helps to remind you of your inherent worth, and facilitates a healthier root chakra.

The Earth Star chakra is visualized as a glowing ball of brown light, located about 12 inches below the bottom of your feet (though I often feel it in the soles of my feet),  that when healthy and balanced should be spinning clockwise. It vibrates at the frequency of 68.05 hz.


This chakra is the center of your stability and safety. If you’re wanting to move forward in your life, this is the chakra to work with. This is the root of masculine sexual energy and can affect every aspect of your life if it is unbalanced, or in balance. This chakra helps you manifest for life rather than short term manifestations that soon fizzle out (if you find your manifestations doing that, you might need to do some root chakra work!), and is your solid foundation both for the things you do outside yourself, and your own inner world. 

The Root chakra is visualized as a glowing ball of red light, located at the base of your spine, that when healthy and balanced should be spinning clockwise. It vibrates at the frequency of 396 hz.


The Sacral chakra is the seat of our life force energy and the home of divine feminine sexual energy. It houses our creative potential and hosts the well of unlimited potential we as humans possess. If you just can’t seem to recognize your potential, you could be dealing with a blocked sacral chakra. Lack of sex drive, and issues with both creative and physical fertility can arise from sacral chakra issues. If you have past trauma as a factor in your life, from this life, your ancestors, or even past lives, this is all stored in the sacral chakra and can contribute to pervasive issues with the things the sacral chakra regulates. 

The Sacral chakra is visualized as a glowing ball of orange light, located about three finger widths below your belly button, that when healthy and balanced should be spinning clockwise. It vibrates at the frequency of 417 hz.

Solar Plexus

The Solar Plexus is the powerhouse of the chakras and is where all our self confidence and self worth is located. This chakra holds the key to manifestations, but co-creates with the Root chakra, meaning if one is out of balance, your manifestations do not have the same high level potential as they do if both are in a healthy, healed, and maintained space.This chakra helps you feel empowered and confident and keeps you in touch with your own personal power. Solar Energy is felt in the Solar Plexus and it is said that it is a mirror of the sun. Our fear is also located in the chakra, so if you find yourself getting afraid and then trying to control situations, this chakra is likely in need of work.

The Sacral chakra is visualized as a glowing ball of yellow light, located about three finger widths above your belly button, that when healthy and balanced should be spinning clockwise. It vibrates at the frequency of 528 hz.


The Heart chakra regulates your body’s overall energy, so if you’re feeling out of whack, unreasonably sad, or just lethargic, it is probably because of issues here. All heartache that is not released and healed is stored here, from this life and the past, so it’s pretty likely that unless you have been actively working on healing and balancing this chakra, you have some heart chakra issues. On the opposite side is that all affection and love is stored here, too, from this life and the past. Our compassion for others and ability to build strong relationships, both romantic and otherwise is found in this center and we can raise beyond the 3D physical form we have when working with this chakra. That is because this chakra holds the connection to our past lives and stores ancient wisdom that we can access as we move through our spiritual development. 

The Heart chakra is visualized as a glowing ball of green light, located in the middle of your chest, over your sternum, that when healthy and balanced should be spinning clockwise. It vibrates at the frequency of 639 hz.


The Throat chakra gives you the power to speak your truth, both to yourself and others and helps you get in touch with your deepest desires. This chakra controls how you communicate, and more importantly what you communicate. It is the center of the values and beliefs you hold and how you express yourself to the world. The total of all your lived experience, both this life and the past can be found here. It holds repression, or feelings of being silenced as a child which is not healed and released can lead to problems communicating and connecting with others later in life. This chakra also stores feelings of not being appreciated, staying silent for fear of conflict and the silencing of our hopes and dreams to appease other people. If you have experienced this in your life and now find it difficult to express yourself in any aspect of your life, this chakra needs work to release that and get you moving forward.

The Throat chakra is visualized as a glowing ball of blue light, located in the middle of your throat, that when healthy and balanced should be spinning clockwise. It vibrates at the frequency of 741 hz.

Third Eye

The Third Eye Chakra is the home of your intuition and helps you see issues with clarity and focus. It is the place we find connection with our higher selves and where our psychic and spiritual abilities draw most of their power from (other chakras have direct spiritual relations, too, but this one is the most important). The Third Eye chakra helps you to see your soul’s purpose and the path you are meant to walk in this life. Karmic bonds and debt can be stored here. 

Every eclipse season I find that I get what I call a “third eye headache”, and many other empaths, psychics and mediums report this too. As eclipses bring up our shadow sides, I think this is because we are meant to continually work through those shadows in order to find higher spiritual ascension. They hurt, though, and I recommend holding a piece of purple fluorite or apophyllite to your third eye if you experience these- any time of the year. (Often they happen just before a spiritual growth spurt too!)

The Third Eye chakra is visualized as a glowing ball of Indigo light (I often see blueish purple, though), located in the middle of your forehead that when healthy and balanced should be spinning clockwise. It vibrates at the frequency of 852 hz.


The Crown chakra is our connection to the divine. Our spirit guides, gods, guardians and spirits connect with us through our crown chakras. Violet ray activation occurs from this energy center and the development and control of our empathic/ psychic abilities is rooted here. From our crown chakra we can break free of monotony and routine, connect to the upper realms and higher powers and tap in to the energy of the world we live in. We can also access other realms and consciousness through work with our crown chakras. If you’ve been struggling with connection, developing your spiritual gifts, or feelings of not belonging or being different, you crown chakra has guidance for you.

The Crown chakra is visualized as a glowing ball of violet light, located at the top of your head, that when healthy and balanced should be spinning clockwise. It vibrates at the frequency of 963 hz.

Soul Star

Our final chakra is the Soul Star and this is our connection to the stars and access to other dimensions. This is the place to anchor in your pursuit of ascension and spiritual development. At this energy center we find deep feelings of peace and calm, we find the ability to control the energies around us, in all parts of our lives. Experiences through time, deep connection to the truth of your soul and where your soul is from lives here and this is also the place we go to release attachment to the outcomes of situations and the laws of this physical world. Outside of these things we develop and grow and find new ways of living, never dreamed of before.

The Soul Star chakra is visualized as a glowing ball of white light, located about 12 inches above your head, that when healthy and balanced should be spinning clockwise. It vibrates at the frequency of 272.2 hz.

This is just a basic overview of what your chakras control, in reality the depths we can find when exploring chakra healing and magic are far beyond this. So much of the secrets of our lives can be found in the energetic centers of our bodies, from the cycles and patterns we have, why things don’t work out the way we want, to where our success comes from, to even accessing secrets of the universe we never dreamed we could. 

An open, aligned, healthy chakra system is one of the deepest, oldest, and most potent forms of magic and creation. By tapping in to this, we develop a system that we can use our whole lives to consistently level up. Chakra healing and magic is an ongoing process, and a spiritual commitment as our chakras flow and fluctuate constantly. If you’re putting bad energy in and neglecting them, these actions will manifest in your life. If you stay open, connected and work with chakra healing on a regular basis, the potential for the change in your life is immeasurable. 

Starting next week, May 12-14, I will be offering 90 minute Chakra Sessions, during which I will be helping clients assess their current chakra balances and helping identify which chakras need work in order to find balance and alignment. These Chakra Sessions will be $225 each, and will include a worksheet to help the client work on their chakras afterwards. These Chakra Sessions will be available one week each month, so if you aren’t able to make this one, there will be another week in June you can sign up for! Dm to claim your spot this week, as there are only a few left! You can book here.

Don’t forget to follow our blog, next week I’ll be posting my favorite crystals for chakra healing!


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