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Tarot Tuesday: August 25, 2020

I started this week with a full day of drawing and creating to give myself an energetic boost! Art gives me a specific type of energy- it’s when I recharge, when I truly relax, and when I can find the most comfort, all of which helps me to feel stronger, brighter, and more confident moving forward.

Sit with these cards and ask the universe to give you the message you need to hear. Be open to any guidance or conversation The Source may have you. There are lessons all around us. Once you feel ready to receive, pick the card you’re most drawn to and look below for the reveal and details!

Today’s Deck: The Witches Oracle from MindfulMagicShoppe

1 Garnet Stone- Pyrite: Success– “Pyrite is closely associate with the element of fire….it offers the energy of fire – warm, passionate, and revealing.” Pyrite is a stone that represents abundance and can be used to help manifest intentions. This card shows that abundance is apparent, but reminds us also that things aren’t always how they seem. Also known as “fool’s gold”, Pyrite encourages a cautious perspective and openness to potential blockages that may be holding you back.

2 Citrine Stone- Black Tourmaline: Eliminate– “Black Tourmaline clears and cleanses the energetic field, offering protection from electromagnetic radiation, and negative energy.” This card is providing the message that it’s time to cleanse and let go. Release what is no longer serving you, whatever may be weighing you down or holding you back. This is your fresh start. Take this time to reevaluate your emotional energy and move into a fresh state of mind.

3 Tiger’s Eye Stone- Rat: Persist– “The Rat is often a misunderstood animal. They are intelligent, family oriented, and incredibly driven.” This card comes to you today to reassure you that your hard work is worth it; your strength and ambition and determination are going to pay off. Continue to persist, even when it feels hard and overwhelming. Keep pushing forward, keep believing in yourself and your goals, and you will see incredible results.

Breathe and take in these messages. What is meant to be will come to be and you have so much ahead of you. Take these messages into this week and remember your strengths as you pursue your goals.

Love and Light,
Fallon 🌿

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