Tarot Tuesday

Tarot Tuesday: August 18, 2020

Here’s a sneak peek of my Woodland altar before I set it up for the New Moon in Leo finance group spell tomorrow night!

Sit with these cards and ask the universe to give you the message you need to hear. Be open to any guidance or conversation The Source may have you. There are lessons all around us. Once you feel ready to receive, pick the card you’re most drawn to and look below for the reveal and details!

Today I am grateful for the peace provided by my morning routine, the view from my apartment, and the love in my home. How about you?

Below, are 3 different cards. This deck draws on our darker energies, our inner wild side, and reveals messages we may not always be looking for.

I recommend sitting with the image for a moment and creating your own interpretation based on the card itself, before reading the interpretations I have written below.

Today’s deck: The Wild Unknown by Kim Krans

1: VI of Pentacles š–¤ prosperity, growth, generosity, give and take, good fortune, cooperation– This card assures us that prosperity is arriving or just ahead. It reminds us that this prosperity should be shared. Be generous in your fortune and gracious to those who have supported you in the past. With current events surrounding us, how can you support your local communities in need? With this new found growth, can you donate to a local cause or person in need. Share the wealth! Spreading your success ensures it to continue and grow in the future as well!

2: IV of Swords āš”ļø stillness, mental power, rest, recuperation, retreat, solitude, introspection– “Though threatening swords loom above, the lamb sits in stillness without fear”- Kim Krans. This is a break in an overwhelming and difficult time. It’s important to rest and recuperate before preparing to head into the next challenge. Take some time and do something lovely for yourself. Take a bath, read a good book, meditate, or explore nature, or whatever makes you feel peaceful, relaxed, and happy. Life continues always, but make sure to care for yourself along the way.

3: Mother of Cups (aka Queen) šŸ‘‘ insightful, psychic, creativity, strong emotion, change– This queen is sometimes deemed the “drama queen.” When she appears, you’re probably experiencing some intense emotions and feelings about someone or something. She urges you to use your creativity and problem solve when faced with tough decisions. This card reminds us to watch our attitudes as often this queen represents the true swan nature- when pushed, she can become aggressive and defensive. Be aware of your energy and make sure you’re taking a deep breath before reacting to difficult situations.

Sit with these results- whichever card you picked- and reflect on how it may be showing up in your life. We don’t always love the messages we receive, but they are messages we often need, despite our inner dispute of them. Take these with you into the week and keep your eyes out for more relevant conversations and experiences along the way!

Love and Light,
Fallon šŸŒæ

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