Tarot Tuesday

Tarot Tuesday: August 11, 2020

This week, we’re doing things a little differently! (Change is good, I promise) Instead of picking from the cards laid out, I’ll be showing you 6 different sets of affirmation cards for you to choose from.

For right now, take a few minutes and think about what you’ve been going through lately. Close your eyes and picture what you’d like yourself to look like. What are you doing? How are you living? What do you think of yourself?

Next: Think (lightly, don’t stress yourself out) about what is standing in your way? What is holding you back from this life you want? What are you afraid of?

Below, are 6 different sets of cards. I chose these pairs based on what connections I felt between the two decks and their messages. These decks have been tuned to love, light, and positivity and are my favorite combination for receiving important messages from Source Energy. There are two ways to approach this reveal: either choose a number between 1 and 6 and then find the message that number correlates to, or scroll through and pick the pairing that feels most resonant to you.

I recommend sitting with the image for a moment and creating your own interpretation based on the cards, before reading the interpretations I have written below.

Today’s Decks: Dreamy Moons Affirmation Cards, and the Pythia Botanica Oracle Card Deck from Leila+Olive

*Interpretations for the Oracle Cards in this post include those directly from the deck’s book as their descriptions are beautifully poetic.

1: “I maintain alignment with my source energy.”
Poised Stardust: Cosmos
– ‘..a sweeping call for balance. In spite of appearances, there is always symmetry, from the smallest cell to the most vaporous of worry. Be daunted by disorder, and then enraptured by its antithesis.’
Remind yourself with this affirmation, to stay connected, stay present, and stay open to messages being sent to you. Whatever your Source is, it is there to guide you, ground you, and strengthen you in your times of need and always!

2: “I forgive myself and set myself free.”
Forgo: Hawthorn
– ‘..most simple yet demanding of interventions. There is no quandary required to unknot, no potential compelled to unlace. Cede all perceived duty, and go strangely unto the night.’
We all struggle with forgiving ourselves from time to time. Let this card help you set yourself free from your chains so that you can grow from your experiences, instead of letting them hold you back.

3: “I let go of all that no longer serves me.”
Focus, Release: Artemisia
– ‘..for the instant after pulling back the bow of intention and just before letting go the arrow of ambition. Take this moment to hone your objective and dim all that is peripheral to intent.’
I use this one a lot, especially when working on manifesting things I desire! Take a moment and think hard about what you’re fighting with right now and decide if it’s worth the fight. Are you holding onto something that is failing or going in a direction you’re no longer passionate about? It’s okay to let go. You will be okay, you will grow, and you will find a new path that lets you shine even brighter.

4: “With clarity of mind, I feel abundance and worthiness coming through.”
Embrace: Globe Mallow
– ‘..Uncouple boundaries from your destiny, open your heart, and scatter yourself among the scars and stars you’ve accumulated.’
With an open and willing heart and mind, you can achieve anything you want. Decide your goals and desires, maybe write down what it is you want even, and then truly be willing to receive what you need in order to succeed.

5: “I am a vibrational match to all that I desire.”
Love’s Will: Moonflower
– ‘..Give in to the gravity of love, absorb its kinetic energy and waltz upon the orbit of your satellite.’
Using this affirmation is a great way to remind yourself regularly that you are worthy, powerful, and able to have anything you want! Be open to love, be open to light and bright energy coming in, and remember that you are valid, loved, and going so far in life!

6: “I do not have to prove myself to anyone.”
Disquiet the Myth: Mandrake
– ‘..disrupt gilded personal narratives. Beware the potential for atrophy from self-mythology, but also allow fantasy to outline sober truths. Be present and dig: fate honestly fulfilled stokes the wildest- and most startling- blaze.’
People are always judging us, always putting their opinions and perceptions on who and what we are. This is your personal affirmation to remind you that only you get to decide who and what you are. Yours is the only opinion that matters and only you determine how you express that. Being your most authentic self is the key to living life at its fullest. As Mandrake says, your truest fate creates the brightest fire.

Take these affirmations forward into your day-to-day with you. Remind yourself what you’re dreaming of, striving for, and working towards, and let these affirmations be a boost in the direction you need. I keep my daily affirmation drawing on my desk to help me through the day, but you may prefer to write it on a sticky note on your fridge or mirror, or make a reminder in your phone with it. Do whatever helps you!

Love and Light,
Fallon 🌿

Did you like this format? Do you prefer reading these descriptions in a fuller format as opposed to the instagram captions? If so, let us know! Leave a comment on this post or share this post for others to get their own affirmations!

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