Tarot: Level 1- Reading the Cards

Take a 10 week journey with Rose Dumaine to unlock your psychic potential and lay an in depth, solid foundation into reading Tarot. Tarot has been used to see the truth of situations and uncover what lies in the future for over 600 years and is one of the most common ways to channel psychic power.

In this course we will not only be learning all the basics of Tarot reading, including in depth descriptions of the cards and how to interpret them in regards to the situations one is reading about, but we will also be delving deeper into our own psychic powers with guided audio meditations, third eye opening, grounding and shielding techniques to use while reading and more!

Beginning July 20, every Friday you will receive 5 sections including Descriptions of the Cards, Meaning and Interpretation, Guided Audio Meditation, Spread of the Week and a Video. Join us for this exciting foundational course and learn to unlock your psychic potential with the Tarot as guided by Rose Dumaine.

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