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Many clients are working through certain chakras, and this vigil is meant to be an additional source of aid and magic as you do your inner work! This vigil will consist of a consecutive candle lighting on a spell bottle or jar, created with an intention of your choice. You can also choose if you want a picture or petition paper or specific saint or something with your vigil under or by the jar! This vigil service will consist of anywhere from 3-6 candles repeated throughout the month, just depends on the burn time of each one!

With each candle, you’ll get a brief report (ex: last candle burned fine, lots of soot, exploded, whatever happens) and a picture of the new candle each time I light it. You can also keep them going as many months as you want or you can change the intention every month.

No reading is required, but if you are not sure of your intentions or what would work best, we recommend booking a Chakra Reading so that Rose can help you assess which chakra(s) needs work. You can either purchase a singular vigil or subscribe to a monthly renewal. You will be able to change the chakra focus before each renewal if you are ready to move to a different one!

Available Candles:

Earth Star Root


Solar Plexus



Third Eye


Soul Star

For information about each chakra and how to tell which ones need focus, see our blog post: The Chakra System: Magic and Light


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