Vigil Candle Service- Love Related Intention

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Please include details about your Intention for the vigil and spell bottle in the Notes at checkout! 

To purchase 3 intentions in one month, check out our Triple Intention Package listing!


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With summer starting, I’m now offering a monthly vigil service. This will consist of a consecutive candle lighting on a spell bottle/jar- created with an intention of your choice. You can also choose if you want a picture or petition paper or specific saint or something with your vigil under or by the jar! It’ll be anywhere from 3-6 candles a month, just depends on the burn time of each one!! 

With each candle, you’ll get a brief report (ex: last candle burned fine, lots of soot, exploded, whatever happens) and a picture of the new candle each time I light it. You can also keep them going as many months as you want or you can change intention every month (see below for multiple month subscription).

No reading is required, but if you are not sure of your intentions or what would work best, we can book a consultation.

The intention of the vigil cannot be changed throughout the month. However, the candles may be varied to cover multiple aspects of the same intention- but must be chosen prior to the beginning of the month. Please choose from the selections we have and indicate which candles (maximum of 3 different candles) you prefer to have. 

Candles Available for Love-related intentions are:

Chuparrosa “Hummingbird”- for drawing love to you with sweetness

Come to Me- to attract someone specific to you, encourage your partner to be closer to you, or bring love to you from afar

Attraction- to strengthen attraction between two people

Think of Me- to encourage someone to keep you in mind more

Bring Happiness- draw positive energy and happiness to your life or relationship

Santa Muerte- guides us through the darkness and aids us in all journeys of life, she supports us in times of transition, guiding us through our shadows

Tame Lamb- to calm a situation, settle drama, or smooth over situations or find peace with your significant other

Communication- to help strengthen communication between you and lover/others

Blockbuster- to break through any walls keeping you and/or your partner from moving forward

Reversal- for love, a reversal of any negative energy that may have come between you and your partner


To purchase 3 intentions in one month, check out our Triple Intention Package listing!

Additional information


These Vigils are designed to be cast monthly. If subscribing to the monthly recurring payments, you will receive an email in advance that will allow you to update your candle choices if necessary!
Payments will be charged one month from your original purchase date, unless changed in your subscription settings.


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