Sage and Lemongrass Smudge Spray


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After years of using smudging bundles and sticks, etc, we’ve found that smudge sprays are another wonderful way to cleanse a space and we’ve come up with some simple, calming scents to bring fresh energy and light into your life.

Our Sage and Lemongrass Smudge Sprays pulls in the traditional sage herb used for smudging, while mixing with fragrant lemongrass to create a bright and energizing scent great for purifying and cleansing your altars, spiritual areas, and overall home. The lemongrass also adds light anxiety-relieving benefits! This spray is particularly great for running off unwanted spirits or residual energies from unwelcome guests- living or otherwise!

Our Smudge Sprays come in 2oz amber bottles with spray tops for easy spritzing and use pure essential oil, witch hazel, and water to create a light, breathable spray. All products are lovingly created, packaged, and charged in our Witchery before being sent to you!


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