Pyrite for Positive Energy and Releasing Financial Blockages


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Pyrite is a magical stone that is powerful to use for shadow work, abundance and prosperity work and lifting the veil to assist you in sshadow work and keeping the light surrounding you while working in the lower realms. These pyrite crystals are the perfect size for carrying with you daily, or residing on your altar space.

The Magic of Pyrite

Pyrite brings positive energy into your life and is a great stone for working with the sun gods and goddesses. It helps to lift melancholy thoughts relieves anxiety and frustration, connects you with your innermost thoughts and helps you to release the things you feel you cannot. It reveals the causes to your negative emotions and assists you in shadow work by lighting your way to that which you are keeping hidden. As you work with Pyrite you will uncover, understand and deal with the issues that keep you in cycles and break out of these negative energies.

These three specimens were charged by Rose on her Moon Altar during the Lunar Eclipse Spell Special.

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