Oct 7: Mercury Retrograde Protection Group Spell


*To be cast: Tuesday 10/7*


It’s that time of year again! Mercury goes into retrograde on Oct 13 for the third time this year and it will last through Nov 3. This time is usually when our technology suddenly fails us, our motivation gets mixed up, and we miss things like appointments, plans, or just straight forget things. With all the mess 2020 has brought us, mercury retrograde is just another brick on the pile.

This spell is going to bring us some protection from the chaos! It will help us slow down, focus, and trust our intuitions when making decisions. Join me as I set up a shield to help relieve the tension and keep us focused on the goals we’ve been setting!

This spell will be cast on Tuesday October 10. The video will be posted on our instagram page within a few days, as our posting schedule is on a delay. Participants will receive a photo once the video is posted, indicating which candle is theirs.


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