Oct 28: Samhain Celebration Group Spell


*To be cast: Wed 10/28*


This is both Rose and Fallon’s favorite holiday! Join us in a celebration of Samhain, the Witch’s New Year! This spell is a setting of new intentions, a cleansing of negative energy from the past year, and an invitation for fresh and exciting inspiration and energy for the upcoming year!

This spell will be cast Wednesday October 28 by Fallon, in order to give a few days for the spell to set and take on the Samhain energy. Samhain is a special holiday for us, so we will not be casting this on Samhain itself as we will not be working and will be celebrating the holiday in all its sacred glory. A video will be posted to the Instagram and clients will receive a photo indicating which candle is theirs. This spell will not have a wax report.

To sign up, please leave your new year intentions in the Spell Notes at checkout!

To learn more about Samhain, join our Minicourse on academy.therosedumaine.com where you can learn all about the holiday, how and why we celebrate and honor the day, and what we use to do so! (Receive a discount on this spell and the minicourse when you sign up on the academy website!)



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