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Whether you’ve been working with us for years or a few days, we are offering you a unique-to-you intuitively chosen collection of crystals we feel will help you in your magical journey, practice, and overall life! We know how much time and energy you put into the magic you do with us and we would love to share a little bit extra with you. We have a huge store of crystals we are choosing from, and each jar will be completely unique for you and your intentions. We will also include a list of the crystals we include for you to keep for reference! These crystals have been charged with moonlight and are ready for you to use! Carry them with you in your pocket, keep them on your windowsill, leave them in the jar on your vanity, or do whatever else you may want with them!

 Jars will include 6-10 assorted crystals and a list of their names for references!

These are available for purchase with any individual spellwork purchase of $250 or more! We have enough for only 9 jars, so these will sell out!

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