Heart Healing Spell Masterclass


The Heart Healing Spell Masterclass is here to support you in healing your heart and stepping out of the maze of the healing journey and into the higher space of being healed. Leave the eternal heart healing journey behind and step into the healed version of YOU.


In this immersive masterclass you will learn:

  • How to do the Heart Healing spell as you cast it right along with Elena Rose
  • How to prepare, carve, and dress your spell, as well as ways to customize it to where you are every time you cast it!

When you feel the call to step into the version of you that has completed the healing journey and you are finally ready to be healed and just move on with your life already, the Heart Healing spell is here and ready to work its magic in your life. No matter when or what happened to place you in a space to be ready for this spell, this powerful magic is here to support you in having a healed and connected heart space.

In addition to casting our Heart Healing Spell we will also make Heart Healing water and charge it together and we do an amazing Heart Chakra and Higher Heart Chakra meditation to reconnect with the Heart of our Higher Self.


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