Greenhouse Magic Group Ritual


For the magical soul who wants to Reawaken to your purpose, power, and potential… and FINALLY call in the life you know you are meant to live…

A group ritual to help you say goodbye to confusion and being stuck, and finally begin seeing your life move forward and your dreams unfold.



For the magical soul who wants to Reawaken to your purpose, power, and potential… and FINALLY call in the life you know you are meant to live…

“Rising from the darkness, the flower of the never ending spiral unfolds, calling me home, to my truth, to my power, to my Self. I release all limiting beliefs about who I am, and I open to the infinite potential and purpose of my Soul.” 

Do you know deep in your heart that you are meant for more, that YOU are more than you currently feel like you are? Do you jump from self improvement technique to technique to find the one thing that will “fix” you and help you finally achieve your dreams and goals? Do you long for a deep sense of purpose, connection, and embodiment in the life you are living that you just can’t seem to find? Or maybe you think if you just get this next thing, the next job, the next house, the next partner, then FINALLY you’ll be happy.

The truth is, magical soul, you are already perfect as you are, a divine emanation of the Universe having a human experience. You’ve just lost a little part of yourself along the way and you believed the world when they told you that your purpose was to find it outside of yourself. The truth is, it’s been within for years, lifetimes, incarnations, and always. You just need to remember.

What if you knew with clarity and certainty that you were on the right path? That you could know what to do, when to do it. Where to put your attention, what to pursue, what to release? What if you felt empowered to fearlessly follow the call of your soul’s deepest desires and KNEW that you were divinely supported by the Universe in the pursuit of your soul’s unwavering dreams?

This group ritual is designed to reawaken, reconnect and realign you with the reality you are manifesting, not the reality you have been settling for. I believe that we can have anything in life we want and that we came here to have a specific experience as the universe experiencing itself in physical form. Your success helps the universe grow and evolve. Your joy raises the vibration of the whole universe. We’ve been taught that success, joy, prioritizing ourselves is selfish, but in reality it is the very thing that you are here to experience. 

What are the things you most want in your life? The core things you feel like your soul has been craving and desiring and that you won’t be able to get on with the rest of your life until you realize them? Those dreams are calling to you for a reason and it is time for you to start realizing those things in your life, instead of just eternally dreaming. 

If you’re ready to say goodbye to confusion, overwhelm, and truly open up to living the life you know you are here to live, this group ritual is for you. It’s time to live the life you incarnated on this planet to live and be the version of yourself that you truly are. 

When we are in touch with ourselves, connected to the universe and our power and in alignment with our true desires then and only then can we actually tap into our amazing power to manifest and create the reality we live in. 

If you’ve felt stuck and like you just couldn’t actually see your goals come to life, this ritual is going to get you UNstuck and finally moving in the direction of your dreams. 

Plants incorporated in this ritual are Sempervidium (Hens and Chicks), Graptosedum (Blue Giant), and Albuca Spiralis (Frizzle Sizzle). The colors red, green, blue, and yellow are our focus, and the chakras are Root, Heart, Solar Plexus and Throat. Sacred symbolism in this ritual is found in the Lotus, Spiral, and Pinecone. The Lotus symbolizes rising from the darkness into the true beauty of our soul, the spiral represents our never ending infinite true self, and the Pinecone represents our eternal connection to the Universe and Source energy (the pinecone has long been a representation of the Pineal Gland, or the third eye.)

Registration for this ritual closes 4/22/2022. After registration closes I will be preparing and performing the ritual, and will then post photos and videos (including behind the scenes process photos of the planting and magic!) This is living magic, so these plants will be cared for and tended to by me in my greenhouse and garden after this ritual is complete! 

*There will not be individual candles or wax reports for this type of magic. This is a brand new style of magic than has been offered in the past, and we are so thrilled to broaden our magical horizons and share it with you!

To explain the process for this magic a bit more since it is brand new to Harvest Rose Witchery: the concept behind candle magic is that the candle is a vessel for the energy of the magic. In similar form, anything can be used as a vessel for magic. This magic will be focused into crystals charged and symbolizing each participant planted in the container, fully submerged into the earth. The plants have been carefully chosen to align with the energy of the magic. While planting the succulents into the container I will be holding space for all participants in the ritual and infusing the energy of the magic into the entire experience. Once the planting is finished I will offer sacred smoke to the energy for the air element, and light candles for the fire element and to complete the activation of the magic. (Plus it’s REALLY PRETTY!). The elements of earth are found in the medium of crystals, plants and dirt, and my misting system in the greenhouse will provide the element of water. Spirit is found in the energy of the magic!

This style of magic is particularly effective to facilitate major shifts in your life. This magic takes the concept of grounding the astral realm into the physical realm and living a life of magic that is entirely in alignment with your soul and the life you know you are meant to be living.

This is also a much more sustainable method of magic as it actively gives back to nature which gives back to the collective energy of the Universe and Source.



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