Lammas Spell 2023: Manifest Your Harvest Masterclass




This spell was created for Lammas 2023, but is an amazing addition to the digital grimoire of any witch! This spell meets you where you are right now, looks ahead 6 weeks to Mabon to manifest for second harvest, and takes you all the way to Samhain for third harvest to propel you lightyears forward in just the next 3 months as you stop sitting around wishing and start making magic your reality.

In this immersive masterclass you will learn:

  • How to do the Manifest Your Harvest spell as you cast it right along with Elena Rose “live” (in our pre recorded video instantly accessible when you purchase (or delivered to you on 8/1 if you are purchasing the presale!)
  • How to prepare, carve, and dress your spell, as well as ways to customize it to where you are every time you cast it!
  • Access to the Lammas 2023 Manifest Your Harvest Spell is LIFETIME: Purchase once and cast it over and over. You are The Witch!

Please note, this is a masterclass. Rose will not be casting the spell for you. This is designed to teach you how to make your own magic and be your own witch with the mastery of a world renowned professional witch. I am your guide. You are the magic.


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