Empath Protection Anointing Perfume


Essential Oils,Avocado Oil,Tourmaline

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For all you Empath’s out there, this perfume is an excellent tool to help you feel less overwhelmed and ground and shield yourself in potentially overwhelming situations. It is important to learn to separate your true emotions from those of others and to practice shielding and grounding in order to minimize the effect being an empath has on your daily life.

Roll onto your wrists to ground and connect to yourself, knowing that you are in control and can handle everything surrounding you!

Empath Protection has notes of Peppermint, Orange Valencia and Clove and is an aromatic, relaxing scent. This perfume includes and is charged with Tourmaline chips!

Our 10ml anointing perfumes come with a metal roller ball and use carefully curated essential oils and a base of avocado oil for long wear and smooth application. All products are lovingly created, packaged, and charged in our Witchery before being sent to you!


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