Basic Witch Anointing Perfume


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Witches these days get mocked for their simple loves: crystals, herbs, coffee, plants, etc. We know that our society sees our “basic-ness” as reason to not take us seriously. But we know better! This anointing perfume is taking back that power. We know we’re seriously strong, powerful witches and our simple loves are what make us accessible to new witches. 

Give this perfume as a gift to your baby witch friends or use it for yourself as a reminder to stay strong in your beliefs on the harder days. Roll onto your wrists for every-day adventures, self-care magic, or when doing introspective meditation!

Either way, this perfume smells incredible with its Coffee, Sage, and Cinnamon Stick notes. This perfume includes and is charged with Rose Quartz and Amethyst chips!

Our 10ml anointing perfumes come with a metal roller ball and use carefully curated essential oils and a base of avocado oil for long wear and smooth application. All products are lovingly created, packaged, and charged in our Witchery before being sent to you!


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