Aphrodite’s Kiss Anointing Perfume


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**This is our Aphrodite perfume with a beautiful, refreshed style!

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love and from her we can learn about all aspects of love, romance, desire and passion. This anointing perfume is designed to help you connect with your romantic and loving energies, both for love of others and yourself. Reclaim a sense of self love and embrace your love for others. Aphrodite helps you to realize all the beauty in the feminine power you contain and to unleash that unbridled beauty on every aspect of your life. 

From heart healing work, sex magic, love drawing work, and feminine power magic, this blend is an all purpose support system for all of your feminine wiles and wishes. 

Notes of Jasmine, Rose and Lavender combine in this fragrance for a heady and sexy vibe. It’s exuberantly feminine scent will remind you of the great power you hold deep within your own magical heart. This perfume includes and is charged with Rose Quartz chips!

Our 10ml anointing perfumes come with a metal roller ball and use carefully curated essential oils and a base of avocado oil for long wear and smooth application. All products are lovingly created, packaged, and charged in our Witchery before being sent to you!


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