Consummate Commitment Spell

Every spell is different, just as every client and every problem is different. Rose works with clients all over the world, offering her spell work to assist them in improving their lives. From Blockbusters and Uncrossings, to Love and Money Drawing, Job Work and more, Rose provides the specialized attention her clients need and helps them grow in their lives. Rose requires a minimum of a thirty minute consultation/reading prior to offering any work. Book a consultation below, to begin.

New Client Consultation: In your consultation, Rose will briefly discuss the issues bringing you to her for spellwork, then she will do a reading, answering all questions and determining how the work should go. At the end of the session she will make recommendations for the spellwork she advises for your situation. Part reading, part coaching, part counseling, Rose offers the most comprehensive new client intake sessions possible.

30 minutes: $75

Spellwork Prices

Spellwork is priced individually, depending on the needed work. Spells range in price from $95-150 each, with the exception of rituals and some compound spells. Our average client purchases 4+ spells. However, spellwork can be purchased as you go, it doesn’t have to be a giant investment at once, or restricted to certain incomes.

Binding and Banishing Spell
Some of our available spells include:

*Please note, each spell is different, as each client is different. Rose uses a variety of spells in different ways, and is not limited to what you see here. She is known to create completely new spells, or combine a variety, in order to best serve you. She may use a love spell in a court matter, or for healing. This is part of the magic of the way she works. Each time she works for you, she is working for YOU. Not a copy and paste sort of magic, this is individually tailored and created for you.


Happy Hearts

Passionate Love

Crazy For You

Consummate Commitment

Miss Me

Only Me

Haunted Heart

Love Drawing

Come to Me

Desire Drawing

Evoke Enchantment

Adore Me

Follow Me

Affection Work

Beg For Me

Caught Up in You

Evoke Enchantment

Jealousy Work

Quality Time

Relationship Issues Reversal

Trust Issues Reversal

Past Life

Past Life Cleansing

Past Life Cord Cutting

Past Life Uncrossing

Reversals/ Hexes/ Baneful


Nine Nails

The Downfall

Manhood Unarmed

Hate You

Vinegar Jar

Ammonia Jar


Cross Their Love Life


Relationship Dissolving

Manhood Unarmed and Only Me Spells
Emotional Issues


Heart Healing

Heart Opening

Feminine Power

Masculine Power

Return to Virility


Communication Clearing

Chakra Cleansing and Opening

Give Me Peace

Grief Release


Skull Binding

Paper Binding

Coffin Binding

Skull Banishing

Cross Banishing

Seven Wishes

Be My Bitch

Bend Over


Break the Cycle

Curse Reversal

Demon Binding

Entity Binding


Protection, Reveal and Reverse

Hex Breaker

Pave the Way

Road Opener

Smoke and Mirrors Reversal

Thought Blocker


Luck- All Purpose

Luck and Prosperity

Prosperity Drawing

Prosperity Reversal

*Your confidentiality is of the highest priority to us and we will never share your information with anyone, for any reason. Full names are never used in typed case notes and while videos and pictures of your work are the sole property of Rose Dumaine and Harvest Rose Witchery, you will never be identified by anything posted on the web.