Specials and Group Spells

Every month, we offer a variety of group spells to clients! All of our group spells are cast with intentions individually specific to each client, within the framing of the spell. Once cast, our videos are posted within a few days depending on our posting schedule, at which point clients will receive a photo of their candle on the altar and a wax report will be posted once the spell burns fully (which can take anywhere from a few days up to two weeks- yes it’s happened! All candles burn differently and we have no control over how long they may take to finish burning.)

Our group spells are designed to make spellwork more frequent and accessible than individual spellwork may be for some clients. While we offer a variety of group spells throughout the month, we frequently base the topic of spell on what our clients ask for the most. Our Jar and Duo group spells are unique combinations of what are usually spells only for individual client work. “Jar” spells specifically include a sweet or sour jar, known as Vinegar and Sugar jars, that are paired with a second spell to create a targeted intention. “Duo” spells are two full-sized spells cast in tandem to each other. All group spells include a complete spell setup, designed specifically for this special, and a general wax report that can be further detailed with the purchase of a reading after, if requested.

Every month, we will be offering 4-5 group spells! We have many clients who want to be included in all of our group spells, so we are now offering monthly subscription options to our group spells. Follow the link below to sign up for your subscription. We will announce the next month’s spells at the end of each month so that you will know what you’re receiving that month!

Group Spell Subscription Plans

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Current Group Spells:

Please click the image to read the descriptions of the spells to make sure you include any necessary information when purchasing the spells! Thanks!