March Spell Specials

Every month, we offer a variety of spell specials to clients! Our Full Sized Spell Specials, from $44-66, are cast with intentions individually specific to each client, within the framing of the spell. Clients receive a photo of their mini jumbo (or otherwise specified) candle on the setup once cast, a video will be posted about the spell, and a wax report will be posted once the spell burns fully.

The Community Spells, for $33 or less, are more collective, meant to create a communal energy that helps clients while building on and drawing from the strength of a shared energy and goal. The video of the spell will be posted on our Instagram.

Rose also offers a Monthly Ritual Special! Each Ritual Special will cover a different topic and prices will vary based on the details of the ritual. Each client will be represented with 1 novena and 2 flanking candles, carefully chosen for the theme of the ritual. The Ritual Specials are designed to use the shared energy of the clients to achieve a larger more detailed goal. Clients will receive a photo of their 3 candles and where they are in the ritual setup, a video will be posted about the ritual, and a wax report will be posted once the ritual completes and the candles burn fully.

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