2020 Year in Advance Readings- $150 for 60 min

January Spell Specials

Every month, we offer a variety of spell specials to clients! Our Full Sized Spell Specials, for $66, are cast with intentions individually specific to each client, within the framing of the spell. Clients receive a photo of their mini jumbo (or otherwise specified) candle on the setup once cast, a video will be posted about the spell, and a wax report will be posted once the spell burns fully.

The Community Spells, for $33, are more collective, meant to create a communal energy that helps clients while building on and drawing from the strength of a shared energy and goal. Clients receive a photo of their chime candle in the setup once the spell has been cast and a video will be posted about the spell.

Rose also offers a Monthly Ritual Special! Each Ritual Special will cover a different topic and prices will vary based on the details of the ritual. Each client will be represented with 1 novena and 2 flanking candles, carefully chosen for the theme of the ritual. The Ritual Specials are designed to use the shared energy of the clients to achieve a larger more detailed goal. Clients will receive a photo of their 3 candles and where they are in the ritual setup, a video will be posted about the ritual, and a wax report will be posted once the ritual completes and the candles burn fully.

Jan 17: Lover Be Mine Spell Special– $66

If there’s someone you want back in your life, this spell special is for you. This spell will get inside the head of the person you are desiring and work to make them want you the way you want them. All love is energy and we will work with the energy between you and the object of your affection to strengthen that attraction and love.

Jan 17: Bitch Be Gone Community Spell– $33

Everyone has someone they wish was out of their life, or out of the life of someone close to them. Whether it’s a coworker you can’t stand, or a person who just won’t leave your significant other alone, this spell sends these undesirable people on their way and makes them GTFO of your life.

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