February Spell Specials

Every month, we offer a variety of spell specials to clients! Our Full Sized Spell Specials, from $44-66, are cast with intentions individually specific to each client, within the framing of the spell. Clients receive a photo of their mini jumbo (or otherwise specified) candle on the setup once cast, a video will be posted about the spell, and a wax report will be posted once the spell burns fully.

The Community Spells, for $33 or less, are more collective, meant to create a communal energy that helps clients while building on and drawing from the strength of a shared energy and goal. Clients receive a photo of their chime candle in the setup once the spell has been cast and a video will be posted about the spell.

Rose also offers a Monthly Ritual Special! Each Ritual Special will cover a different topic and prices will vary based on the details of the ritual. Each client will be represented with 1 novena and 2 flanking candles, carefully chosen for the theme of the ritual. The Ritual Specials are designed to use the shared energy of the clients to achieve a larger more detailed goal. Clients will receive a photo of their 3 candles and where they are in the ritual setup, a video will be posted about the ritual, and a wax report will be posted once the ritual completes and the candles burn fully.

Feb 24: New Moon In Pisces– A Spell Special for A Chance to Manifest- $55

Just after the New Moon on Sunday, we will be recuperating from a time of refreshing introspection. The New Moon in Pisces brings a chance to embrace the energies we CHOOSE to embody. It gives us the opportunity to truly manifest our desires. Whether you desire a fresh start, a change in your relationship, an influx of prosperity, or any other goal, this spell is being cast to open those doors in the universe for you. With the energy of the New Moon fresh upon us, Rose will be channeling your intentions into this spell to bring to light your desires.

When signing up, please fill out the form below with your manifestation goal before purchasing. Multiple goals will require multiple candles in the spell, and will need to be purchased individually.

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