November Group Spells

Every month, we offer a variety of group spells to clients! Our standard group spells, from $66-$88, are cast with intentions individually specific to each client, within the framing of the spell. Clients receive a photo of their mini jumbo (or otherwise specified) candle on the setup once cast, a video will be posted about the spell, and a wax report will be posted once the spell burns fully.

Our Combo group spells are a unique combination of what are usually spells only for individual client work. Ranging from $111-144, each special is different, but includes a full sized spell setup, designed specifically for this special and a general wax report that can be further detailed with the purchase of a reading after, if requested.

Every month, we will be offering 6 group spells! We have many clients who want to be included in all of our group spells, so we are now offering monthly subscription options to our group spells. Please see the listings below to sign up for the subscriptions. We will announce the next month’s spells at the end of each month so that you will know what you’re receiving that month!

Every month we will have a vinegar jar and sugar jar combo spell! The same jar can be used and you’ll receive a $10 discount for each jar spell following the original purchase!

November Group Spells

11/9- Sugar Jar and Lodestone Luck Combo Group Spell- $111
11/11- 11/11 Twin Flame Manifestation Portal Group Spell- $111
11/13- Friday the 13th Freezer Group Spell-$66
11/17- New Moon in Scorpio Group Spell with Fallon- $66
11/20- Peace Among Us- Family Blessings Group Spell- $88
11/24- Vinegar Jar and DUME Combo Group Spell- $111
11/29- Crazy for You Group Spell- $88

Please click the image to read the descriptions of the spells to make sure you include any necessary information when purchasing the spells! Thanks!