Rose offers a variety of readings to meet all your different needs. As an intuitive reader, Rose uses tarot and other tools to help you find what you need. She offers 2 time frames of readings- 30, 60- and also specializes in past life readings, mediumship readings, along with providing reading specials throughout the year to suit certain moon cycles or the upcoming or past year. Readings are done over Skype (for international calls) or phone calls so that Rose has the most direct form of communication with you.

What is an Intuitive Phone Reading?

We’re glad you asked! Rose prefers to connect with her clients over the phone. They briefly discuss any major issues the client is seeking guidance for and then Rose utilizes a variety of methods such as Tarot and Oracle Decks, Pendulums, Runes and her ability to see “flashes” of the past, present, and future to tell her clients what they need to know in order to move forward with their lives in the best possible manners. Following the initial reading, Rose will answer questions and focus on further guidance needed after the first questions are answered. Rose utilizes this method in order to advise Spellwork Clients, as well.

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A few examples of the readings Rose offers:

Consultation Readings

Rose offers consultations for clients looking to begin spellwork for problems or needs in their life.
$50- 30 min reading
$95- 60 min reading

Past Life Readings

Rose offers guidance so that you may discover and develop connections to your past lives. Using tarot readings and guided meditations, she helps to build a strong link between you and your past selves that can help you build and grow more in your current self.
$150 for initial 60 min reading
$125 for subsequent 45 min readings
Package deals available after initial reading- Including worksheets for self-exploration between sessions

A Year in Advance

See what the next year has in store for you. Rose helps show where your focus will lie, what new beginnings are in the works and where you need to release and renew.
$150 for 60 min reading with full year spread

Moon Cycle Reading

Beginning with the New Moon, this reading is a “month ahead” planner, giving you the tools you need to make each month a success and getting everything you can out of it. Business, Love, and everything in between, this reading tells you where to place your focus for each moon phase for the coming month.

Spiritual Guidance

This reading tells you what parts of your spiritual journey need attention and growth, how to progress down your spiritual path when you feel stuck and what parts of your spirituality you should be celebrating. This reading is especially helpful for those looking for “something more”, but aren’t sure where to start.
Rose also offers Spiritual Coaching for those who are looking for a little more one on one time. Please message us for rates and details.

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