Psychic and Spiritual Attacks

Psychic and Spiritual Attacks: Part 1- Awareness

“I think something is after me.” “I feel off.” “Something just isn’t right.”

These are some of the words I hear most often in readings where my client is being attacked, whether by a human or spirit entity. Other common symptoms include racing thoughts that do not feel like your own, increased anxiety and depression for no apparent reason, a lack of focus, feeling like someone is watching you and a whole host of other things. (Please note, psychic attack can at times, simply be a manifestation of mental illness. There is no shame in this, and I advise you to seek professional medical help if you are having thoughts of harming yourself or others. On the flipside, sometimes “mental illness” is psychic attack. I simply ask you to look at all possibilities. If you are scared of seeking mental help, please know that it is a perfectly normal thing, and far more people than you would probably think are treated for mental illness. It is also completely possible you are experiencing both.)

A particularly involved Binding, this was to stop a spirit that had been tormenting a client for quite some time.


By the time you realize something or someone is working against you and you are under psychic or spiritual attack you may find yourself panicky. You want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. If it’s merely a loose spirit floating around, or something very small, burning some sage or Palo Santo may get rid of it with no more bother. In my experience, this has never worked for a psychic attack, though.

Now, that is not to say that the burning of either of these things is not helpful. It is! Let’s talk about why. No, not the mythology of either of these items. When we’re under an attack it can last for months. Why attacks happen is an entirely different post. While dealing with the attack, for some times extended lengths of times, we must try different approaches daily to keep our energy and out homes as clear as possible. One of the favorites is the burning of these. Or incense. Or herbs and roots. Why? Well, aside from the magical properties of the elements being burned, the smoke is the big thing. When an attack is underway, it may be extremely insidious. We may think it’s over. Then it’s back even more intensely. When we create smoke by burning these items as the smoke travels though the house we disrupt the air flow and with that, the energy flow. If there is bad energy it disrupts it and the negativity, the source of the attack has to regroup. So if we can disrupt it continually for a long period of time we can either remove it that way, or weaken it enough to remove it (more on that later!). So what else can we do besides just constantly smoking up our homes?

  • Cleaning- Oh lord. She said the C word. I don’t mean you need to spring clean the hell out of your dwelling. I call it tidying. When I notice the energy getting stagnant I start tidying. Receipts that have gather on the coffee table, the herb bottles I perpetually leave out on the cabinet when I cook, sweeping, plumping couch cushions. Little things. When you rearrange things in your home you divert the energy flow. Sweeping and vacuuming are probably the quickest and easiest for me, along with the aforementioned receipts. Floor washing is an old voodoo and Appalachian magical practice to remove negativity from your home and it works. Now if you have 2,000 square feet to vacuum, that might not be the best idea for you multiple times a week. Or if you really hate vacuuming. I love vacuuming. These are just a few ideas to get you started. Think about how you can disrupt and re direct the energy flow in your home and make it your own. Regaining control of the energy is what you want to do.


  • Smudge sprays are my new favorite thing. Part of that could be because I’m working on a line of them for the shop. But, I swear I carry at least one in my purse at all times. Someone has bad juju when I’m out shopping? Get in the car and smudge. Funky energy in The Witchery? Smudge spray. Feeling “off”? Smudge spray. They’re so easy and you can use them virtually anywhere. At work and can’t sage yourself? Go in the bathroom and douse yourself with smudge spray. Done.


  • I have this awesome energy worker who also happens to be my hair stylist. She taught me the following grounding technique: “Feel roots coming up from the earth and encircling your feet, ankles, calves, thighs, up to your solar plexus. Now see white, golden light coming down into your crown chakra, connecting you with spirit, and meeting the roots in your solar plexus. You’re grounded into the earth and connected to spirit. Step up into the light, and stay stepped up so nothing with a lower vibrational frequency can touch you.” You can also speak aloud after doing this “I banish all entities of a lower vibrational frequency from this space. I am connected to spirit and nothing can touch me that is of a lower frequency. I call on (archangels Michael, Uriel and Gabriel are some of my favorites. You can also call on ancestors, spirit guides, whatever aligns with YOU and YOUR path.) to protect and guide me. I call on the guardians of North, South, East, and West, the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water to protect me and keep me safe from harm of any sort. As I will it, so may it be.” While doing the aforementioned, you can burn a white candle (anointed with spell oil, or blessed oil is best) and dressed with rosemary, bay leaves and cumin or cayenne pepper (this is a basic candle dressing).

These are generally remedies that you will need to repeat. Generally if a human or entity is attacking you they will not stop until you remove yourself from the environment (say your house is haunted and the entity is attacking you. Moving MAY help, but often entities can follow you.) or have the culprit bound. Binding is my favorite remedy as I’ve found it to be highly effective against humans and spirits alike. The Binding and Banishing is probably my most popular spell duo and has held everything from abusive exes to evil spirits at bay. It does depend on what you are dealing with for how you get rid of it for good. If you do not know, I recommend getting a reading to find out. Please, please, please, do not pull out a Ouija board. That’s likely going to end up being a bad time.

A Binding to stop another witch from harming a client any further. Not everyone is nice like me!


If you think you are under psychic attack, chances are high that you are. Most of my clients are extremely self aware and know when something is not right. Feel free to contact me to schedule a reading if you think you are under attack. Protecting people from harm, be it human or spirit is one of my main gifts and the one I take most seriously. While I offer magic running the gamut of human emotions, the safety of my clients is always my highest priority. If you feel you are in danger from a human, please contact the authorities first. Look forward to a post soon about the different types of psychic attack and specialized warding for them.

Up next, the next installment of “What’s In a Name?- The Binding and Banishing”



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