Woman Figure Candle- Assorted Colors


  • Black
  • White
  • Red
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Female Figure Candles are a wonderful tool to utilize in your candle magic workings. These candles can be used in a variety of spells including Cord Cuttings, money work, love work, protection spells and more. They can also be used as altar decor, to make offerings to your preferred goddesses, or anything your magical heart can dream up for them!

The Magic of Figure Candles

The use of figure candles has become much more widespread in the realm of candle magic these days and are a wonderful tool to help you fully focus the intent of the magic you are casting. Aesthetically pleasing, and magically powerful, I use figure candles in the large majority of my spellwork for clients. Carving them, dressing them with oils and herbs prior to burning them and reading the wax from the spell after is a beautiful spellworking practice that I invite you to bring into your magical life.

Some of my favorite spells to do with female figure candles are:

Cord Cuttings (solo)

Cord Cuttings (between two people, combine with a second male or female figure candle)

Fiery Wall of Protections



Commitment Spells (combine with a male or female figure candle)

Thought Blockers


And More!

Red is typically used for love, manifesting, and drawing work, Black is often used for Banishing, Unbinding, Removing Negativity and Baneful or Reversal work, and White can be used for anything, as it is all purpose. If you feel called to a certain color, allow Spirit to advise you!

Each figure candle comes cleared and cleansed by us for you to work with as soon as you get it!

Xoxo, Rose


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