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The Spirit of the Stag King was the inspiration for this lovely kit. Whenever you need an infusion of power, change and strength, look to the Stag King. As an embodiment of the Horned God, the Stag King is a nature deity who is all about Divine Masculine energy and connection.

This kit has hints of orange valencia, clove, rosemary and sage and is the perfect tool for any green magic practitioner, a soul with a need for connection to nature, or for tapping into your personal power and protection. This kit can be utilized in a variety of spells, or ritual honoring the Stag King or Horned God.

You will receive:
1 8″ Stag King Hand Rolled Beeswax Candle
1 oz bottle Stag King Spell Oil
1 10 ml bottle Stag King Anointing Perfume
1 oz bottle Stag King Smudge Spray
1 intuitively chosen crystal

All lovingly packaged after being charged and cleared by us!

Stag King’s Magic… Stag King was the very first oil I ever created, and to this day it is one of my favorites. The true all around magical kit, Stag King charges in to aid in your magical needs, whether it be protection, love, money, security, guidance through shadow work, or anything else your magical heart can dream up. This kit is useful any time you are wanting to bring some Divine Masculine elements to your life, call in a divine love, or work with more masculine energy. This kit is also useful for any type of fertility work, both literal and figurative (financial, business, etc.).

Xoxo, Rose


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