Freya Anointing Perfume


Essential Oils,Avocado Oil,Citrine Chip

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In the spirit of the Norse goddess Freya, who’s motto was basically “lay em or slay em”, we are excited to bring you this lovely Anointing Perfume, evoking the spirit of the goddess of War and Love. A fiercer type of love than that symbolized by Aphrodite, Freya is sassy, spicy, and sexy.

Notes of Ylang Ylang, Tangerine, Vanilla, Anise and Cinnamon Sugar meld together in this oil for a darkly sensual scent.

You will receive a 10 ml bottle of anointing perfume that comes with a roller ball top for easy application whenever you need the magic of fragrance. Product contains pure essential oils, carrier oils, and citrine chip.

Freya’s Magic… Freya is to help you draw love, romance, and passion to you, for a soul connection unlike those you have had before. Freya will also help you in any battles you need to face and will remind you to be a softer strong, knowing that just because we are strong does not mean we are hard, and just because we can fight our battles does not mean we are any less feminine or sensual. Freya supports the embodiment of the divine feminine within you and will help you be the most gracefully fierce version of you possible!

Xoxo, Rose


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