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In the spirit of clearing out the old to make way for the new, we bring you this beautiful kit. My intention with the creation of this kit was to evoke a sense of removal of negativity and allowing the light into your life. This lovely kit is a must have for an energy workers, spiritual practitioners, and enlightened ones.

Notes of lemon, lavender, sage and rosemary combine to bring a fresh, bright scent designed to invigorate your space and mind. This kit can be utilized in a variety of spells, or ritual for clearing energy.

You will receive:
1 8″ Clearing Hand Rolled Beeswax Candle
1 oz bottle Clearing Spell Oil
1 10 ml bottle Clearing Anointing Perfume
1 oz bottle Clearing Smudge Spray
1 intuitively chosen crystal

All lovingly packaged after being charged and cleared by us!

Clearing Magic… It is so important to make sure your vibes are high and your space and life is cleared of stagnant or negative energy. Our Clearing kit is designed to not only help you move stagnant, or negative energy out of your life, but to support you in any cleansing work you may be doing, whether cleansing your home of negativity, recovering from a breakup, or lost friendship, or simply clearing a stressful day so you can sleep peacefully at night. This relaxing kit will comfort you and put you in a high vibe, relaxed energetic space, as well as enhance your spellwork to remove negative energies, and clear anything standing in your way. Particularly useful for Blockbusters, Road Openers, Protection Magic, even useful in love work!

This kit also contains some of the primary tools I use when Cleansing my own home, as well as when I do House Cleansings for local clients!

Xoxo, Rose


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