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Mooncast January 4- 10, 2019

Happy New Year everyone!

New Year is my absolute favorite holiday for the celebration of the self because it is the one holiday that we can really focus on ourselves, rather than all those around us. As we take stock of our previous year and set goals for the upcoming year, we have the marvelous opportunity to see what has been working out and what has not.

This year at Harvest Rose Witchery, we are focusing on the self, and the magic of the every day. How to bring witchcraft into our daily routines and how to make 2019 the most magical year possible.

As we do so, we invite you to our weekly Mooncast, to better aid you in planning the tasks and events that will build up to ensure 2019 is your year!

We begin this week’s Mooncast with the New Moon happening on Saturday, January 5. The New Moon is a time for reflection, introspection, and laying foundations for what you want to manifest in the lunar month to come. The New Moon is in Capricorn this month and is coming with a partial Solar Eclipse (with this the moon will move between the Earth and the Sun, darkening the Sun for a bit), which is a particularly potent time for some magic, just 5 days into this New Year.

Capricorn being a particularly grounded, earthy sign may not bring up particularly romantic visions, but this New Moon is an excellent time to review what your goals are for 2019, slip on those rose colored glasses, and believe that you have the power to achieve everything you set your mind to. As this new moon is accompanied by a solar eclipse, this means the effects of the manifestations you set this lunar cycle will set the tone for the first six months of this year and that is a powerful way to kick off 2019.

What have you been dreaming of? Do you have intentions that you want to manifest in this new year? Have you been putting off valuable experiences that you can finally bring into fruition in the next 12 months?

I, for one, think it’s time to kick all self-limitation and lower-vibrational thoughts to the curb, in favor of the expansion of the self and all the high vibes we can possibly pack into this year!

Clearing energy is vital at this time and refusing to give in to any negative thoughts, that little voice in the back of our head that tells us we aren’t good enough, and anything we might think that can put a damper on our self confidence. Your reality is only limited by your own psyche.

Aside from this New Moon, we have another astrological event this week. Venus will be entering Sagittarius on Monday, the 7th. Venus represents love, self worth, sexiness, beauty, and all things yummy, luscious, and lovely. This energy, coupled with the free spirited Sagittarius, means that things in your love life could get pretty wild and crazy if you give in to their energy.

The high vibes from Venus in Sagittarius will be a particularly bright time and we are sure to feel flirty, sexy, and ready for any type of romantic adventure. As a fire sign, Sagittarius invites us to embrace the flames of the romantic heart and fan those flames, reveling in their raw, sensual power.

If you have had a darker time lately with your love life, this is a time to remember the butterflies and happiness of those times early in a relationship. If you are in a new relationship, now is the time to give in to those desires and move forward without worry and fear.

This energy is also applicable in our relationship with ourselves, and Venus in Sagittarius is the perfect time to engage in some self love. Remind yourself of all the amazing things you are all by yourself. Take yourself on a date, pamper yourself with some magic, or simply spend some time in meditation reflecting on your wild, vivacious side. Indulge in feeling like a free spirited goddess, hell bent on love and beauty being present in her life, both for herself and all those around her.

This week we have TWO spell specials to offer you: one for the New Moon in Capricorn, the other for Venus Entering Sagittarius.

Our New Moon offering this month is The Dagaz Spell, which is designed to help you lay the groundwork to manifest three major goals in 2019. The Dagaz rune represents bold change in runic magic, and this spell offers you an opportunity to focus on breakthroughs, awakenings, and planning for your goals. I will be performing the Dagaz New Moon Spell on the evening of January 5. You can reserve your spot for this spell here. No reading required. Please email your full name, picture, birthday and 3 goals you want included in your spell along with the email address you used when purchasing!

Dagaz Spell: $66

Our second Spell Special is the Fire of Venus spell and this spell is hot, hot, hot. This spell has been designed to kick your love life up a notch and is ready to help you fan those flames. This spell is harnessing all that sexy Venus in Sagittarius energy. It will help you get in touch with your inner desires, will see your love life leap into the next level of passion, and will help you see yourself as the sexy, passionate goddess you are. Working with the Roman goddess of love, Venus, I will be performing this spell for participants on the evening of January 7. You can reserve your spot for this spell here. No reading required. Please email your full name, picture, birthday and the name of the person you wish to manifest your passionate desires with, along with the email address you used when purchasing! If you are single and do not have a name, please just say “whomever the universe intends for me”. If you want to focus on self love, just say “self”!

Fire of Venus Spell: $66

Only 13 spots are open for each of these spells, so reserve your spot ASAP!

I hope you all have an amazing week and that the energies this week leave you with a new sense of hope, love, and desire.

Xoxo, Rose

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