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Mooncast: January 18-25, 2019

Hello my lovelies!

Ahhh, the days leading up to a lunar eclipse. They are weird. For me, I generally find I have a “third eye headache” and all SORTS of shadow side stuff come boiling up to play. Tuesday, this bubbled over for me, but I was led to create a new ritual to offer (and it helped me out). Thus, “Kwan Yin Ritual” for healing from breakups and trauma was born. Such a lovely experience as I was in meditation/ channeling/ ritual for about 4 hours, and I felt a great weight lifted and high vibrations all around after!

We begin finishing the Waxing Gibbous in Gemini and today you need to
embrace everything that is currently a part of your life and avoid closing down emotionally, or giving the cold shoulder to someone you love for fear of pain at a later date.

Saturday and Sunday we shift the Waxing Gibbous into Cancer and this may be a murky time for you. We are looking at the shadow side and you may feel uncomfortable and confronted with things you do not align with, or you may feel your own shadow side coming out to play. This is not a time to fear, but instead engage in some introspection on what is keeping you shadowy or what you dislike about others. It will often show you what lies in the shadow side of yourself.

Unpack a shadow this weekend and utilize the Full Moon energy to transmute it!

This week the major astrological event we have going on is the Super Blood Wolf Moon and this bad boy occurs on January 20. This is the combination of three events:

The first full moon of the year is called the Wolf Moon. According to the Farmers Almanac, this moon was so called the “Wolf Moon” in honor of the howling of the wolf packs that could be heard by the Native Americans. Wolf energy is fierce and protective and if you’re feeling pulled to your feral, more animistic side right now, seeing a lot of wolf imagery pop up out of nowhere, or finding yourself pulled towards a wolf totem animal, this could be why. The wolf animal totem is known for bring high levels of intelligence, sharp intuition and a large appetite for freedom. Channel these feelings and ride the waves. Your pack is waiting for you.

Next, we have the Super Moon. A Super Moon is a full moon that occurs when the moon is at the closest point in its orbit to earth, making it appear very large in the night sky. The higher than usual gravity creates higher than usual tides and can have an extra effect on our emotions and psychic feelings than the regular full moon does. Make sure to ground and cleanse at this time, and utilize the power of selenite. Named for the Greek goddess of the moon Selene, selenite is one of my top favorite crystals. It is the only crystal that is entirely self cleansing and can be utilized to cleanse other crystals and objects and to keep yourself and your home high vibe and happy.

Our final event is the Blood Moon, which is another name for the lunar eclipse, which makes the moon appear red. Lunar eclipses can have powerful effects on the psyche, including revealing shadows in ourselves and our relationships with others. Energy is often felt to be in disarray, and chaotic for up to 90 days before and after an eclipse and this can be a time of high levels of opposition. You may feel pulled in many directions, life may seem topsy turvy and the emotions of those around you may not be the most stable. I often describe this time as similar to Mercury Retrograde, so avoid making any life altering, or large decisions and instead engage in as much rest, self care, and relaxation as you can.

This full moon is in Leo, and the fire energy may be overwhelming. Allow the cleansing energy of the Leo moon to fully enter your life and embrace that fire both destroys and renews. Focus on the release of that which no longer serves you and the creation of that which you wish to manifest.

On Monday the full moon turns to Waning Gibbous in Leo and we will be feeling the effects of the full moon still, though we may also be feeling haphazardly busy and the come down from the peak of the full moon might leave you feeling somewhat overwhelmed. Full moon energy is still highly active for at least three days following the peak and this will be compounded by the intensity of this moon. We will continue to feel this energy through Tuesday and Wednesday as we shift into the Waning Gibbous in Virgo.

An Earth sign, Virgo is the doer of the zodiac, and these two days will be best spent in reflection.

What are your goals? What are you working towards? What steps are you taking to bring these goals into reality?

List, organization and reflection are your steps these days to bring yourself into a higher alignment and find your focus for the next few weeks.

Be brave, be confident and know that this high energy is going to bring waves of change to your life. Embrace the lunar vibes with the energy of the wolf and this week will be highly magical! Don’t forget to make some moon water under this powerful full moon!

Xoxo, Rose

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