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Mooncast: January 11- 17, 2019

Hello, my lovelies!

I am still riding high from the waves made by the New Moon and Venus’ transition to Sagittarius last week, and let me tell you, the love vibes rolling around right now are strong! All the Fire of Venus Spells I did for our Spell Special have both figuratively (I. Feel. The. Sexy. Vibes. Do You?!) and literally (it’s about ten degrees hotter in my office than anywhere else in the Witchery!) turned up the heat around here and January is off to quite a bang.

For this week’s Mooncast, we begin today with the Waxing Crescent in Pisces. This means if you are feeling more sensitive, more introspective, or experiencing greater senses of insecurity, not knowing where you’re going in life, or feelings of decreased belonging and centeredness, it is perfectly ok and normal!

Kick the weekend off by doing some meditation, some spiritual exploration, and some self care and these feelings will dissipate soon enough. Some shadow work may be beneficial at this time if your insecurities are too high. What do you dislike in yourself and why? How can you better transmute these feelings into higher vibes?

Once we accept and acknowledge that which makes us uncomfortable, we can begin to release those negative feelings and focus instead on how we can build things we love while integrating that which we dislike.

On Saturday the Waxing Crescent transitions into Aries and may compound our feelings of uncertainty all through the weekend. This may leave us scrambling to dot those i’s and cross those t’s in order to achieve a sense of completion to alleviate our anxieties, which could lead to some hasty decision making. Take a breath and evaluate all circumstances prior to making any decisions this weekend. The sense of urgency will diminish, but the actions we take while those abound may have longer lasting, not so bright results.

Cage necklace with pink tourmaline, ruby, and moonstone

Be calm and utilize grounding techniques as we move through the weekend, maybe even wearing or working with grounding crystal magic, such as tourmaline. Black tourmaline will clear negativity, while pink will both ground us and connect us to loving, high vibes and help us open to love for our-self and others. (Guess what I’ll be wearing this weekend? *reaches for all the pink tourmaline*

Monday we will enter into the First Quarter Moon in Aries and this is a time for finding and accepting balance. Do not get caught up in feeling like there is a deadline to life. Slow down, integrate and find the balance. When the moon is half dark, half light we are in a perfect place to connect to light and dark energies, work on maintaining spiritual and emotional balance and find the beauty in all. Moon magic for the First Quarter is all about attracting, manifesting and finding abundance in all areas of our lives. Think of what you are wanting to bring into your life and evaluate the steps you are taking to make these dreams reality. This will help to ground and alleviate some of that uncertainty Aries is bringing us right now!

Tuesday and Wednesday we shift into a Waxing Gibbous moon in Taurus and with that will come a great need for stability. The only constant in life is change. To find the greatest security right now, adopt this as your mantra.

The only constant in life is change.

There is a great need to feel self respect and worthiness right now. It is sometimes easy to seek this validation from others, or material items and this will only lead to more problems. Find it within yourself, know that you are an amazing, magical creature with the power to affect anything in your life you so desire and watch your manifestations begin to come true. You have the power, if only you believe in yourself and your magic.

We end what may be an emotional rollercoaster of a week for some with a need for change and spontaneity as the Waxing Gibbous moves to Gemini. Embrace everything that is currently a part of your life and avoid closing down emotionally, or giving the cold shoulder to someone you love for fear of pain at a later date. Know that we are near the full moon and as such, emotions may run higher. Magic from the Waxing Gibbous is to believe in yourself, add power to the magic you are doing, and help “unstick” yourself from emotional patterns and toxic cycles.

Practice plenty of grounding techniques. Work with crystal magic. Remember to smudge, meditate, and be kind to yourself. This week has the potential to teach you valuable lessons, unveil spiritual gifts and aid you in freeing patterns, if you allow it. Remember we are still riding those sexy Venus in Sagittarius waves, so it’s a great time to really focus on your desires, both physical and emotional and check in that you are speaking your truth and living an authentic life.

Xoxo, Rose

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