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Mooncast April 10-16, 2020

Wow! It’s been such a long time since we’ve done one of these! With the pandemic still affecting us, we’ve finally got some time to start writing for you again. In the past, Rose has written all of our blog posts, but I’m taking over some of them, so that we can share the load and both give our perspectives on different topics we can share with you! 

With this Super Full Moon having just passed, I was inspired to start writing about the moon again. Hence, Mooncasts are back! Our weekly mooncasts will be for Friday through Friday (or how they lead into the next week at least).

I’ll be sharing how the moon affects our daily lives and also adding suggestions for ways to channel or take advantage of the current cycle the moon is in!

This past Tuesday’s Full Moon was in Libra and brought us a time of reflecting on our relationships. We are all spending our time doing what we can to stay busy or safe, whether you’re still working on the frontlines, running a business from home that doesn’t involve interacting face-to-face with clients (hi, us!), or finding other ways to stay occupied while waiting out the storm. The full moon brought us up into higher spirits for a bit and gave us time to look at how we see ourselves and our relationships. However, you may have felt some tension this week, too. When the moon is full, we often feel the tension of the moon and sun as the earth rests between them and that affects how we interact with those around us. 

On Thursday, the Moon moved into Waning Gibbous in Scorpio. A fixed water sign, Scorpio brings us passion and love but can also bring secrecy and compulsive desires. Today we find ourselves reaching for meaningful interactions. We are looking for and finding new ways to connect to those we love. Make time to spend a few solid moments with your in-home partners or make calls or video plans with friends who can provide you true connection.

Often many of our interactions can feel shallow- scrolling facebook for hours? I know for me it feels sort of like communicating with people, but also I crave that deeper conversation with my close friends. Those less solid relationships may not be able to satisfy your needs today. We may even consider purging some relationships we haven’t the time to truly consider until now. Those friendships we are holding onto that aren’t really serving us and maybe even bring us stress or pain. With the amount of effort it takes to communicate and connect, we should use this time to choose who may mean more to us than we realize.

As we head into the weekend, the Moon shifts into Sagittarius, the fiery visionary sign, for a few days of goal setting and recharging. We will feel a slight rise of the collective energy due to the Sagittarius moon and will see that there is light in front of us. Some of us may use this time to create, produce, etc. to give ourselves tasks and help find meaning in these difficult days. I’m drawing as much as I can but also have days where I can’t do much of anything. Be gentle with yourself and don’t feel pressure to do this, but do give yourself some time to enjoy the release of tension.

I personally have been making art! Some for work, but also a number of personal pieces. It’s been a very long time since I’ve had time to sit down and work on something truly my own and it feels nice.

On Monday, we begin a new week with goals or tasks that help us focus on what we need. Don’t worry if your goals don’t look like someone else’s. The Waning Gibbous Moon in Capricorn makes us driven but also jealous. Be careful not to compare yourself to others as we are all on our own paths. What matters is that whatever you do helps YOU in whatever way. If making your bed or watering your plants is what’s on your to-do list, follow through with those and feel comfort in yourself. We each process and express what we need differently. Use this time to embrace yourself and know that you are light and loved. Trust yourself and don’t fall prey to the instagram feels!

We ride this week into the last quarter of the lunar cycle. The moon begins its final stretch of the month in Aquarius on Wednesday and Thursday. The last quarter is your time to release. Let go of any residual feelings you may be holding onto. Aquarius encourages us to reflect on our emotions but not suffer in silence alone. On Thursday we should feel the urge to share our reflections with friends as the moon guides us to best understand our feelings while in a group of people. With the current crisis, we recommend using FaceTime or Facebook messenger or whatever Zoom is, to contact your crew. Rose frequently has group calls with her fam and it helps her find strength during these weird days.

Use this time to embrace yourself and know that you are light and loved.

We round up the week and prepare for our final few days leading up the New Moon. The few days leading up to the New Moon are our time to relax and open ourselves to the universe. I’ll be back next Friday to talk about preparing for the New Moon in Taurus!

Love and Light,

Fallon 🌙

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