Meditation Monthly

You asked, we listened! Due to the overwhelming popularity of Rose’s guided pathworking meditations, we have created a new offering for you: Meditation Monthly. This monthly subscription gets you access to an EXCLUSIVE meditation from Rose designed to take you on a spiritual journey to past, future, other realms, teach you to access hidden parts of yourself and help you find your own magic within.

Each month we will have a different focus as we embark on an HOUR long meditation to access a deeper spiritual path. This sacred space will offer you a unique, transformative experience to enrich your spiritual work and offer you a sense of connection, a link to the higher realms and a knowledge that the magic is inside you all the time.

Meditations will be emailed on the first Friday of each month. If you subscribe after the first, that month will be sent the day of your subscription and then each following month on the first Friday.

Subscribe to Meditation Monthly here

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