New Orleans On-Site Spell Special Series

Full Spell Package: $1212 (Save $213!)

Full Spell Package- 3 payments of $404- first 2 payments must be complete by Oct 7, full package must be paid by Oct 18

The Sacred Protection of Black Hawk and High John the Conqueror Community Spell Special: $50

The Lucky Hand of Erzulie Dantor Community Spell Special: $50

Erzulie Freda’s Mirror of Love Community Spell Special: $50

The Magical Mysteries of Marie Laveau Community Spell Special: $50

The Generational Ancestral Healing of the Ghede Spell Special: $125

The Mad Money Magic of the Three Barons Spell Special: $125

The Eternal Flame of Maman Brigitte and Baron Samedi Spell Special: $125

Come to the Crossroads: The Road Opener of Papa Legba Ritual Spell Special: $300

Ritual Spell Special Payments- 2x $150 Must be paid by Oct 7

Crescent City Ritual of Creations Ritual Spell Special: $550

Crescent City Ritual Spell Special Payments- 3x $185 First 2 Payments must be complete by Oct 7, must be paid in full by Oct 18