Spellwork Schedule

Here you can see when your spells are set to be cast! Click the weeks marked “Spellwork List” to see the list of clients with spells being cast that week.

Clients are listed under the number on their spell listings.

Spells are cast in order of purchase and amount of space available on the altars. The Schedule does fluctuate slightly, so if you see your spells to be cast one week and then not there later, it is due to adjustment in availability!
Rose does not do spells on specific days, as she does everything based on energy for the day, so the closest estimate we can give is the week during which the spells will be done. She will let you know via email once they have been cast!

If you have questions about the schedule, please contact Fallon via the instagram or email contact@harvestrosewitchery.com. Please do not email Rose at the client email about when your spells will be cast.