Everyday Witchcraft with Rose Dumaine

In 2019, we are pleased to bring you a brand new year of monthly courses with Rose Dumaine! This class is all inclusive and is designed to be beneficial for every practitioner, whether brand new to the craft, or a seasoned witch!

In the magical world of Rose Dumaine, Witchcraft is something that surrounds her daily life and every aspect of her being. In 2019, you are invited to join Rose as she shows you how to bring magic and witchcraft into your home, hearth, and life.

This year our focus for our classes is to bring magic into your life in every way possible, focusing primarily on hearth magic. Your routines, the things you do repetitively, and the energy you surround yourself with all create the life you lead.

Are you looking for a brighter, more fulfilling life? Do you wish you could bring magic into your world? Are you looking for more meaning in the world around you? Then Everyday Witchcraft is the course for you!

From spells to self care, to meditations, manifestations, herbalism and more, Everyday Witchcraft will bring you tools and ideas to make 2019 the most magical year of your life to date.

Begin to structure your life around the natural world and see the benefits and blessings that will unfold in your life.

Learn about the natural world of magic including crystals, essential oils and herbs. Engage in self care to soothe and feed your magical soul from the harshness of modern life. Enliven your psychic powers and see through this world to the next as you harness your own magical potential.

Each month you will receive:

  • one pre-recorded class video
  • two written course sections
  • one guided meditation

We will also have a live stream each month exclusive to students where you will  be able to discuss the materials, ask questions, and perform the spell of the month, guided lovingly by Rose!

You also have the option to subscribe to a kit featuring all the needed tools for the months’ activities, or simply subscribe to the course alone! Each kit will contain an assortment of magical tools to aid in your lessons for the month, including but not limited to candles, oils, herbs, crystals, incense and more! Take all the guesswork out of witchery and let Rose lead you on this exciting journey!

Subscribe today!

Once subscribed, you will receive access to our private class portal where your class materials, links, and dates will be posted for you!

Courses will be released on the fifteenth of each month.  Live schedule for each month will be included in your monthly emails, as well as email reminders with links to each live session with Rose! If you cannot attend the live session, they will be available for playback after the broadcast has ended, so you never miss a class regardless of schedule or time zones! Access classes from all over the world!

$60 Everyday Witchcraft: Full Package- Class and Tools 

$30 Everyday Witchcraft- Course Only

$35 Everyday Witchcraft- Class Tools