Monthly Courses with Rose



Monthly Courses from Rose Dumaine.

Join Rose on an intense monthly journey to enrich your magical path and learn from her vast wealth of spiritual knowledge.

World of Magic- Each month join Rose as we travel around the wide world of magic to learn customs, legends, spells and ritual from all around the globe. Part history lesson, part grimoire, all immersion into bringing a new method of magic into your life. Focus will change each month as we learn about all the magical gifts the world has to offer. Subscribe here!

Green Witchery- In this monthly course we will be focusing on herbalism and aromatic magic. Magical oils, herbal lore, the daily applications of magic and how to imbue every aspect of your life with your craft will be covered. The green witch is connected to the earth and the natural gifts Gaia gives us and this course will explore those gifts in depth. Subscribe here!

Spell Crafting- In this course we will learn a new spell each month, and you will be guided by Rose on how to personalize it, craft spells individual to your needs and connect with the true nature of witchcraft. This course will closely teach Rose’s own spell crafting techniques she uses when working for her clients and is suitable for witches of all levels! Subscribe here!

Divine Deities is a monthly exploration to dance with those who watch over us and guide us on our magical path. Connect with gods from across the world and pantheons, opening up new ways of thinking and new magical systems to bring your path further and evolve your own journey. This course wonderfully integrates with World of Magic to fully immerse you in learning about a new deity from a different part of the world each month. Walk and commune with the gods and learn all you ever wanted to know about them. Subscribe here!

Meditation Monthly grants you exclusive access to an HOUR long guided meditation each month that is not available in any other course. Rose’s guided meditations are highly sought after and take you on journeys to the past, future, other realms, teach you to access hidden parts of yourself and help you find your own magic within. Subscribe here!

Witchery Coven is all four of our amazing courses PLUS Meditation Monthly, our new subscription option for an HOUR long guided pathworking meditation each month. Subscribe here!

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Courses will be emailed on the first Friday of each month. If you subscribe after the first, that month will be sent the day of your subscription and then each following month on the first Friday. Live schedule for each month will be included in your monthly emails, as well as email reminders with links to each live session with Rose! If you cannot attend the live session, they will be available for playback after the broadcast has ended, so you never miss a class regardless of schedule, or time zones! Access classes from all over the world!