Beginners Witchcraft

The popular foundational course from Rose Dumaine and Harvest Rose Witchery, Beginners Witchcraft offers a brand new platform for learning the basics of witchcraft. Whether you are a complete newbie, or a seasoned witch,Beginners Witchcraft is an 8 week program which will guide you in your craft and open up new doors of exploration on your path.

Each week includes 5-7 sections of information, meditations, video, rituals and more. You won’t just receive information, you will learn how to use magic in practical applications and in your own life.

Learn about Protection and Shielding, Basic Herbalism, Connecting with Spirits and Deities, Basic Spellcrafting, Candle Magic, Divination, and more!

This is a great place to begin your studies, get a feel for the Witchery Way of Magic and a glimpse inside Rose’s world of magic, as everything she teaches comes from her own practices.

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