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Beginners Witchcraft: What It Is

Happy Friday, my beautiful witches!

I am so excited, because it’s finally here, you can officially sign up for my first ever email course, Beginners Witchcraft here: Beginners Witchcraft. But what IS Beginners Witchcraft?

An Unbinding Spell on my Main Altar


Beginners Witchcraft is, simply put an email course on magic. My kind of magic. It is an insight into how I do the magic that you see on my social media posts, that clients around the world pay me to work for them and the thing that has been my Soteira, or savior.

A Veve drawn by me, in Chicory purchased from Café du Monde in New Orleans, for Papa Legba.


My magic blends old world witchcraft with New Orleans Voodoo and Hoodoo. While many of you know my work focuses heavily on Candle Magic, we also have Crystal Magic, Moon Magic, work with a huge array of deities, Herbal Magic, rootwork, spellcrafting, Color Magic, protection, banishing, mediumship, psychic abilities and more.

Candle Magic on the Main Altar for a client.


You do not have to be a Beginner to benefit from Beginners Witchcraft. One of my 1:1 Apprenticeship Students asked me about it, as she is “not a beginner”. If you EVER become one of my 1:1 apprentices you will cover a lot of the things in this course anyways, because my Beginners level is quite advanced compared to some courses I’ve seen offered (I blame my past as a bellydance instructor. Students would come to a beginners class expecting to wave a scarf about for a bit and would instead learn a minute of choreography and get the workout of their lives.) Beginner does not mean “simple”, or “easy”. It means “foundation” “starting point”.

Statue of Anubis and doll of Papa Legba on my Main Altar.


I’ve taken a few online courses, looking for support, or guided rituals, that sort of thing, because it gets lonely being a single witch sometimes, and only ONE gave me what I was looking for. It was a Full Moon ritual weekend by Sedona Soulfire (she’s amazing and very empowering). So I decided to create for others what I wanted for myself. There are rituals. There are meditations. There are spells. There is information, for the sake of information because trolling the internet and reading the ridiculous number of books and sifting through the stuff to see what is real and what is new age mumbo jumbo is hard work people.

Whiskey and a candle for the Ghede and Ancestors.


This way of magic is real. It is empowering, soul enriching and mind enhancing. This way of magic will help you build a foundation for your practice. We touch on 8 different subjects, each of which will have a future full course built around it for further study. If you’re thinking you might like to join my apprenticeship program, but aren’t sure if you want to invest the money, yet, this is an excellent, cost effective way to see if I’m right for you.

We will look to divination and how it enhances your magical process.


We kick off on October 27th and registration is open until October 26! Join me on a brand new path and study to enrich your knowledge and connection to the magical ways. To the unknown. To the Witchery Way of Magic.




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