The Harvest Rose Witches

Rose Dumaine was standing in her hall one night and having a conversation with the spirits. She said “If I do it will you shut up?” They replied “Yes!” Two months later Harvest Rose Witchery was born. The spirits never shut up, but that’s ok, she’d miss them if they did. What began as a simple Etsy shop has blossomed into a full service spiritual center, offering an online home for Modern Witches all over the world and a community for those who crave more in their witchcraft.

Rose Dumaine

Owner, Founder, Reader, Spellworker

Rose Dumaine has been a practicing witch for over ten years and currently works with clients all over the world, offering readings, spellwork and spiritual coaching and counseling. As a highly intuitive psychic medium and witch, Rose uses her abilities to help clients with all varieties of situations and manifest their goals into reality. Rose also offers courses to share her wisdom and experience with others so that they can create their own magic as well!

Fallon Hallow

Executive Assistant, Product Designer

Fallon joined Rose in December 2018, not realizing that her whole life was going to change. Fallon specializes in art and energy magic. She identifies as an ‘inkwitch’ and uses her abilities to create the art and graphics you see across our company and products. Fallon handles all social media and initial contact within the business, as well as spearheads new product design and helps Rose keep her head on straight!