Rose Dumaine was standing in her hall one night and having a conversation with the spirits. She said “If I do it will you shut up?” They replied “Yes!” Two months later Harvest Rose Witchery was born. The spirits never shut up, but that’s ok, she’d miss them if they did. What began as a simple Etsy shop has blossomed into a full service spiritual center, offering an online home for Modern Witches all over the world and a community for those who crave more in their witchcraft.

As a highly intuitive psychic medium and “professional witch”, Rose now offers Readings, Coaching and Spellwork to clients internationally. From love to court, breakups (your own, not someone else’s, she says that’s bad juju), dealing with hauntings, angry spirits, removing work someone else has placed on you or a loved one, helping you communicate with those who have passed on (none of that “I sense a man whose name starts with a G”, here, she takes a picture and the persons name and starts talking!), helping clients find clarity, work through emotional issues and more.

We still have our store and it’s growing more than ever. We offer a variety of magical tools, jewelry and supplies to choose from and through our offerings you can bring some of the Witchery Way of Magic into your craft.


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