Voodoo Wednesday

Voodoo Wednesday: Hoodoo the Voodoo?


In the wide, wide, world of witchcraft, one could argue that Voodoo and Hoodoo are the most understood paths to exist. Much of this can be attributed to the intentional smearing of the religion and magical practice by the people who owned the slaves who originally brought it to America, by the people who visited the countries it originated in, who feared it with fear and disdain, by Hollywood and it’s racism. The people who have fed into these notions of Voodoo being evil have fed into hatred and racism. Now, of course, there are some practitioners out there who are bad. There are plenty of bad people in the world.


I’m a white girl. I have shied away from writing about Voodoo and Hoodoo for a long time due to fear of being the white girl writing about an Afrocentric religion. I’d hate for anyone to think anything bad of me for that. I really would. But Voodoo is so much at the heart of my religious and spiritual practices, I have decided that the time for being afraid is over. I am blessed to have clients and followers from all areas of the world, and of all skin tones that I have the pleasure of working with every day. Y’all chose me. So, I’m going to share some of my knowledge on this subject with you guys, because every time I ask what you guys want to read about I get at least 5 replies saying “Voodoo!!!” And why wouldn’t you? It’s a beautiful religion (and the magical system of Hoodoo), that has been kept under wraps or hidden, or shunned for so long. People walk past the Harvest Rose table at conventions and sometimes literally gasp in fear over my Voodoo dolls. Y’all. I have not one single Voodoo doll to hex someone. They’re all really nice. They’re for love, or money, or protection. If I’m going to hex someone it’s not going to be with a doll.


I spent two lives living in New Orleans. (I was a white girl, then, too.) People ask me all the time where and how I have learned so much. I have two answers for them. 1) I own and have read a lot of books. I have scoured the internet. I have done extensive research. 2)I remembered two past lives spent with my life devoted to magic (though to be fair, I don’t remember a single life that I wasn’t a witch, and I remember a lot of lives) and Voodoo. The loas came to me. They woke me up. They showed me what I needed to remember, they gave me the knowledge I have now. I don’t know of a better way to learn, personally. They give me more knowledge every day. I am very blessed.

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In this blog series we are going to explore the differences between Voodoo and Hoodoo, look at the places that Voodoo originated and how those different places affected the magic performed, we will learn about the loas and some of the practices. I may at some point be convinced to write a course on Voodoo. I hope that this series gives people who are interested in Voodoo and Hoodoo a starting place to begin their own research, maybe seek out practitioners, and stop the spread of the falsities that exist about this about religion.


Welcome to Voodoo Wednesday!!!

Xoxo, Rose

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